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"Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives." - John Lennon

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All the conspiracies are purposefully buried under a pile of bullshit conspiracy claims. It is not simply good enough to believe them all.

It works like this: (((they))) know about or participate in 9/11, and use termite to take down at least 1 if not all 3 buildings. They quickly clean up the crime scene to get rid of evidence. Still evidence surfaces that there was molten iron found, specifically the kind created from termite.

Simply denying it does not work because the evidence is out there. Videos of yellow glowing molten metal pouring out of windows, hundreds of experts testifying that it must have been a demolition. More and more people would find the truth and spread it.

So what they do is create 5 conspiracy theories that closely resemble the truth but are fundamentally flawed. One of these theories is that the towers were taken down by filling the sprinkler system with gasoline to melt the beams and bring down the towers and the proof is that no metal structure can collapse if you don't melt the beams.

They use the media to spread their version and then they debunk it. Whenever anyone hears about the conspiracy they immediately belive they are already know it, that they are being told about the strawman theory (((they))) created. So they never investigate further. They immediately consider the person telling them stupid. This is the only effective way to hide a conspiracy.

That means that the majority of conspiracy theories out there are utter bullshit. Many of them very well funded and very intellently constructed. You have to be very careful what you actually believe, and be skeptical.

Q is bullshit. That has been proven by the dozens of times that his "predictions" have failed. It is all written like a horoscope and works exactly the same way. It is so vague that anyone can associate any claim with any action if they want to. It is NOT a prediction when he says someone in the government will wear purple and sneeze and that is a sign to q tards.

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Fact check everything. Remember that jews are inherently lazy, and get sloppy past a certain point. Disinformation from Jewish Internet Defense Force, Jewish Defense League, and similar propaganda purveyors rarely bother to insure their lies conform to reality beyond a certain point, as they believe their targeted audience are either too lazy to follow the tracks, or too stupid to know how to check veracity. Fact check everything!

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also photon belt

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and some shit about lizards from orion or something

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idk i forget. i'm also talking to myself

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hey sorry it's me again.

q is real and i guess there's new quantum physics or something.

I don't claim to be smart, I'm just trying to tell you what's up.

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you guys ready to go on a journey?