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What the CIA and the other groups did to the media can't even be described. It played a large role in destroying relationships for the most part. People who think that nation states properly exist are dead wrong, people are reduced to nomadism now, with only religious communities somewhat resisting the system. And yet, religious communities are always attacked systematically. This made me really cynical towards Putin:

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Yes, Chabad Vlad seems to have accepted the job of delivering the Eastern Orthodox church to Rome.

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Yes, Orthodoxy is closely tied to sovietism and Chabad and is a fervent for Judeo-masonic machinations opposed to true Catholicism.

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Don't overstate the power of the media. It doesn't make sense to me. All my life it's been garbage, and that's without the captured language and destroyed economy of Germany's lugenpresse.

What I mean is, if they really have that power, then it's people giving it to them. People who allow themselves to be swayed by the most trivial, stupid things. This is demoralizing, even if those people don't happen to look like me.

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On the contrary. I don't think you can understate the power of the media.

It doesn't make sense to you but it makes sense to those who watch it. Or rather, it's not a matter of sense; they take it on faith.

if they really have that power, then it's people giving it to them

I'd say it works both ways, a feedback loop. It's democratic, in a way.

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It's not so much a matter of the CIA. That came later. Think about what sorts of people make snooping, gossip and slander their vocation.

people are reduced to nomadism now

People are rapidly being reduced to neo-manorial serfdom through outright prohibition by state decree on movement outside one's native jurisdiction, and other coercive means.

Pseudo-nomadism was a feature of the previous stage. It was both a symptom and a cause of further atomizing and diluting coherent communities, as well as preventing intelligent, productive people from settling down into such or at least into forming families.

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What do you think, you are doing here? You truthfully think you just can overrun any barrier? You want me to adverse you? You wanna be kicked out?

By a friend? You're clearly violating rules here and if you keep on betraying my trust, i will run it up the flagpole.

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Were you talking to me? If so, which rule did I break?

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You broke the (abstract and hypothetical) theory that no discussion attempt should be reduced to a nazi-relation before the sixth reply which i derive from the small-worlds-theorem. Besides: How should any reader derive anything funny from it when you take the conclusion away from them in the headline?

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It's a quote Eli. I am not a Nazi.