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So everyone with a decent IQ knows the official story of 9/11 is propaganda at this point, I think reminding how both sides that lead US politics told people not to question it.

It's a short video about Obama and Bush telling people not to question or doubt the version the government tells about the events. I think a lot of people ignore how Catholics and Jesuits caused and were involved in the event itself:

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Catholics were not involved in 9/11.

The Vatican literally published a book written by traditional and progressive Catholics exposing 9/11 and the Iraq war called 'neoconned' and 'neoconned again.'

Templars and modern Jesuits are NOT CATHOLICS. Bush, Rumsfeld are not Catholics, they are Chabadniks.

PNAC was majority Jew controlled and authored by Jews. The towers were secured by Jews, owned by Jews; cleanup controlled by Jews, litigation judged by Jews, etc. If these are not your kind of Jews, because 9/11 was purim for goyim, then speak as Chamish and Antelmen spoke. They admitted that 9/11 was orchestrated by Zionist Jews but of the labor party. They were pro-Likud. Problem is both parties were part of the atrocity event.

Better yet, we can observe the pedophile Zionist unfunny Jew 'comedian' Nick Kroll and his 9/11 father Jules Kroll of k2intel. and Kroll Inc., use the LAPD in the 2010's to silence anyone who filed lawsuits aginst them. One Jew in particular they went after and they have no qualms screwing their own. Nick utilized nepotism and fake cancer non-profit with Larry Silverstein's ugly daughter and his father, Jules, to push other Zio Jews up the ranks. When someone found out, a Jew, that they were screwing people over, the Krolls filed a warrant through Krolls corporation investigatory team to silence them by paying of LAPD.

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Originally Jesuits were trad. Catholics ie. CATHOLICS. 'Jesuits' today are gnostics, occultists, Jewish marranos and Talmudic Jews. Simple really.

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’Jesuits' today are gnostics, occultists,

The wording may be confusing me and I may be misinterpreting what you’re saying. But if you’re saying all modern occultists or Gnostics are Jesuits, I think I disagree, & wouldn’t you?

I agree with everything you’re saying, but isn’t this like saying: “Jesuits today are mathematicians” (not a religious doctrine, a tool used by the masses as well as “hidden art”, protected from the masses - aka the occult side (see John Dee) - which one could also view as a tool that could be used in many different ways and influenced by different systems of belief), and then going on to list “Talmudic Jews” (followers of a belief system, and an extreme one at that; religious doctrine. This isn’t a tool that people from all belief systems & regions of the world use, like they do the occult, or gnostic teachings, to better understand “their world” and learn to “control it”.) in your list of examples of modern Jesuit behavior?

Universal tools are very much different than specific doctrine, and extreme doctrine at that. My point is, aren’t these things different? If I’m understanding this comment correctly, you’ve listed tools used universally by people who subscribe to, or are influenced by various cultures and belief systems - whereas being a Zionist, or Talmudic Jew, is not a universal tool or teaching - it’s an extremist doctrine, taught to a sect.

A Zionist can practice the occult - so can a Wiccan. They both have very different intentions though - don’t they?

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I meant Occultists tied to gnosticism and hermeticism have infiltrated Catholicism such as Cabalist Jews, Hassidic rabbinics who practice all kinds of occultism, etc.