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Shits becoming more and more like the movie utopia

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Easy, don't fail the IQ test and refuse ZioVaxes.

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Maybe the village spontaneously combusted as a result of people not eating properly before taking the jab.

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/u/Robin, 4 topics worth delving into on /s/WikiSpooks:

1) Looming: /u/FoodCrises

We had a late freeze this Spring and I predict an early freeze this Fall - to kill our crops. I neglected to imagine a record heat wave to also cause damage. They will blame climate change but we know they can manipulate the weather.

2) Related: The Lytton Fire / Canadian Rail Lines and Supply Chain CUT



3) Canadian distraction: The mass graves of First Nations' children.


4) Looming: /u/CyberWar (ie. CyberPolygon, etc)

I'm guessing WS already has much on these but I just wanted to be sure.

I would delve myself but I think I have a potentially more impactful project worth focusing on shortly. I think you'll love it.

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why keep ranting about a food crisis? burger king and mcdonalds drive thru is open late? hello?

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They're already out of my price range.

You can last a day without food, maybe a week, but when it's a month or a year...

Get back to me in a couple years and see how much your sarcasm fills your belly then.

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This wildfire is just a wildfire. Does your hypothesis explain this prolonged and extreme heatwave and months without rain in BC? Yes, it's quite possible that Dr. Hoffe had a cluster of vulnerable patients—genetically related from the small tribe—who had bad reactions to the vaccine. The fact that he was silenced for raising his concerns publicly is alarming, but this is a reach.

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My brother who is really good at reading people could tell she wanted to talk about it so he pressed her for more info. She told him that most of her patients lately had been related to vaccine side effects and that the two people she had seen before him had vaccine side effects.

She also told him she was worried about having her medical license pulled if she spoke out about what was going on. So many people are just going along with this out of fear. It's pretty sad.

One size does not fit all. I have three people in my close family in healthcare and all have said the same, that they have been seeing patients come back with side effects after Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

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All the fucking doctors, and government folks, and cowards with their heads down hoping to help people later - NOW is the time to lift your heads, stand up, and make a fucking noise about this shit. NOT after you've IRREVERSIBLY DAMAGED someone for LIFE - or killed them.

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why make noise when we can just hide out in the forums and argue with foreign enemy shills..

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If you think my resistance ends in this forum you're very mistaken.

I'd list my activism but I don't need to prove myself to a naysayer timesuck.