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I looked into "badbios" and it really does seem like black pill meets histrionic personality disorder. There are things like it in the wild; things that infect computers at the hardware level, things that use radio/bluetooth/sound to jump air gaps. There are proof of concepts sure, but you're giving the deep state too much credit here.

I'm a little biased; what good is all of the doom and gloom without even a semblance of a solution? "You need Jesus!" Pfft...

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Read about The Greats Seal Bug by Leon Theremin. The tech is just much more advanced now days and deployed everywhere.

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"Besides learning what is written in all these feeds, I have come to learn what isn't written: the US military has access to all PCs (even air-gapped ones) by using radio to control all CPUs (BadBIOS)."

You did not say how your air-gapped system was compromised, therefore: youre the crazy person.

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It is not compromised if it comes with the issue by design. The people on the other side tried to recruit me by thinking that if they show me that air-gaps are useless and they are untouchable, I would flip. They made a grave mistake, their terrorism did not bend me, now I run wild with all info I got from them and share it with the world.

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How was your PC compromised?

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If the rest of your stack is JS why use PHP of all things to process a web page

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PHP had some libraries to parse feed already ready and open source, just easier to use it, and I started this before knowing about Node JS and Puppeteer, which I add later.

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What indications of access did you find?

Also, what software do you use to generate your feeds? I hate it when I'm slow to read my feeds and posts get deleted. Maybe it would help me archive those.

I have been thinking of setting up an air-gapped machine to see how annoying it would be to keep updated. But my threat model is different from yours.