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"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."

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The notion that saying "Israel does X" where X can mean anything from "kills babies", "commits genocide and ethnic cleansing", "supports terrorism" etc. will change anything is wrong.

They know. They don't care. And for the average dumb person this has been normalized beyond belief.

Did you know that a cars, walls and infrastructure were vandalized in the West Bank (legal Palestinian territory) by Jewish extremists yesterday? You probably didn't. Now imagine if the same thing happened in Tel Aviv. The whole world would've have gone crazy because evil antisemitic Mudzlimes are attacking innocent children in Israel!!!!111!!`

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The Real News is replacing Democracy Now! as the "extreme" left of the Overton window. ( ) This video was weak by comparison to the Jimmy Dore FAR BETTER deconstruction of this unjust firing.

FYI, I just checked the Jimmy Dore channel ( ) but didn't find it there. I watched the Sunday (usually Saturday) live-stream show so it must have been there that I saw it. The live-stream gets saved behind a paywall, though usually through the week they cut it up and release parts of it so it may yet turn up as a segment.

Cornel for president !

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AS PREDICTED (or previously seen):

Jimmy Dore "CNN Fires Contributor For Telling Truth About Israel" :