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Trump is no longer in office but you think he's still a player?

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Yes, I'm 100% sure this is what's going to happen in the next months and It's what the goons in the CIA want. Trump will make his own group come out and do something stupid and they will use that to justify further repression against the right, they might seek a full civil war even. It's because the Jesuits see the traditional convervatives as being "The Second Age Man" and once they get rid of them, there will be no one left to oppose the Jesuit technocracy.

The other thing that they want is WWIII with Russia.

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Well it's certainly an ideal time for a false flag operation blamed on the fringe right in the US. I don't see the establishment US republicans going anywhere anytime soon.

the Jesuit technocracy.

the trans-humanism stuff?

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Yeah. The Omega Point is the point in human evolution in which according to Teilhard, we become a single being with the help of technology. This is also The Third Age of Joachim and the true communism that they want...