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These are the same predatory degenerates that defend pedophilia as a sexual preference. Truly sick and evil people this lot.

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The aliens can sense and feel the fresh vitality of child blood.

"So as an example, we have a 4 year old in Virginia who disappeared and was found 3,372 feet higher in elevation than where they were lost.

So stop. And think about this.

How about a 2 year old, found 3,000 feet higher?

So ya gotta 4 year old, Rocky Mountain National Park, 2,500 feet higher than where they were last seen.

A 2 year old, 1,800 feet higher.

2 1/2 year old, 2 1/2 year old, 615 feet and 850 feet.

A 4 year old, 1,000 feet.

A 4 year old, 1,200 feet.

3 and 3 year old, 1,400 feet."

Missing 411 - Statistical Facts & The Disappearance of Three People Found in Water. CanAm Missing by David Paulides

Rest In Peace, Broughty Cole.

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Great channel, but these found kids still had their blood.

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They don't even try to hide it anymore because we are dumb, sacrificing kids been doing it for centuries. They take Adrenochrome in fear and loathing, meant to be the adrenal gland from a child.

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Someone tell me this is real with a link

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Source: trust me

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Thank you for the link. Can you give us a little information as to why we should trust BlackDotResearch out of Singapore?

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Just to follow up on what /u/JasonCarswell said, when I saw the image I immediately thought it was fake. It would not make sense that there was no outcry when it was first posted, or that (assuming they did have some agenda) they would make such an obvious gaffe. I tried finding the tweet myself, but I do not have a twitter account. I was able to scroll back to some pretty old tweets, but not as far as May 3rd. I found that link while doing research on it, and have no reason to trust them or the image.

I would note that there is also no record of the tweet in the internet archive or wayback machine, and you can still use the links provided from BlackDotResearch, which means I can verify what they have put, while I still cannot verify the original image.

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Can you give us a little information as to why we should trust BlackDotResearch out of Singapore?

I cannot.

Two nights ago I saw this image on Facebook and posted the same OP image. Yesterday morning I deleted it and reposted it again for more attention with a better position because it only had 1 vote plus mine and I thought it too important - and only then upon my second posting did I actually wonder if it's a good hoax. Then I saw this post with a slightly higher resolution and more attention (votes and comments) and felt my post was redundant so I deleted my second post too.

Then I discovered in my messages that /u/StrategicTactic had simply posted that link under that second deleted post, yet oddly not here, so I shared it here as well.


I leave it up to people to determine what is what, given whatever evidence we can scrounge together.

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"New research" gee why does something tell me they've been doing this shit for hundreds or thousands of years