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Even though these elitist wankstains are fucking evil, people do need to stop breeding hahaha. Stop shagging ffs, think of the cows and chickens.

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Okay shill.

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Shill?, dude please.

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I'm pretty sure the Rockefellers are more influential than what most people think, probably even more than the Roths when it comes to the NWO. This brings a little of attention to the depopulation agenda.

It's David talking about human overpopulation and how different organizations need to act in order to deal with it. The Darwinian, capitalist model that many of these people follow, like Bill Gates, was greatly influenced by the Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. I believe it is still the main idea that leads the NWO. Basically the NWO is mostly a capitalist movement. The idea is to destroy the traditional family, religion, depopulate the world and weaken men.

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Well last I checked mortality is still a thing that applies to ALL living creatures, even Satan's spawn like lil' Davie here. Karma is real, and what goes up MUST come down. When you fall from the top, you fall longer and land harder. Fuck the NWO and ALL who aid and support them!

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Rockefellers are Jews, same with Gates so they have nothing to do with Catholic Jesuits unless they are memorialists like Enden and get their roots in Spinoza. .

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why is the audio so bad? It cuts out ever couple seconds.