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I don't want this part to happen.

All these idiot adults willingly lining up for the stab is one thing but this is torture to hear.

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The most disgusting part is how proud they are of their mindless obedience. Whether it's the jab, a mask or any other type of tyranny, the willingness of the brainwashed herd to bow down and grovel with pride is truly sickening!

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How is this OK?

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Leftist controlled school system indoctrinates kiddies into leftist ideology. These kiddies grow up, have kiddies, which are then indoctrinated both at home by the leftist parents, and at school by the current crop of commie-socialist teachers....and so the cycle continues...unless Fauci, Soros, Gates, etc., uses their depopulation needle to disrupt the leftist lifecycle, and aborts a couple generations of future SJWs and BLMers. Most idiots wanting to play guinea pig are leftist-libtards, and most kiddies being volunteered as guinea pigs are leftist progeny. Every cloud has a silver lining.