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And just for good measure they threw the three guys opposing the Federal reserve on board for that maiden voyage...

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I touched on that in a summary I wrote years ago:

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I've watched this one before. It is rather interesting, and I think likely true.

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There's much more evidence that makes it totally true.

I'm surprised he didn't mention the name on the bow of the ship. "Olympic" was covered over with "Titanic" - hastily. On the bottom of the ocean some of letters fell off revealing "M" and "P" beneath which obviously should not be on the front of the Titanic mid-way through the now-incomplete name.

I remembered and didn't even need to look that up, but since I did to verify:

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Titanic's Last Secret ~ by John Hamer - 4.56/5

Expertly researched and marvellously presented novel; a new take on the Titanic disaster. Abridged version.

Until his death in 1976, little-known Titanic survivor Raimondo Vitillo vociferously maintained that a small ship pulled alongside Titanic, from the shadow of the fateful Atlantic iceberg.

In 1911, White Star Line was threatened with bankruptcy, insurance underwriters refusing to pay out after the Royal Navy denied responsibility for a damaging collision between HMS Hawke and Titanic's sister ship Olympic.

In April 1912, did White Star come up with an ill-fated radical solution to their financial turmoil? (less)



The Titanic Conspiracy - The Great Deception (John Hamer) (1:38:37) ~ New Horizons EXTRA, 2012-12-08


Titanic - The Great Deception - Titanic Conspiracy Presentation by John Hamer (1:36:56) ~ Proper Gander, 2016-06-13