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Why confuse the morons with the facts? I would write something like this:

Dear moronic modern scum: Please get vaccinated as soon as possible. This will get you to Heaven extra fast. Heaven is all liberal where everyone wears masks and no one has guns. So get the vaccine and go to paradise.

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If one starts at the left side, one is reminded to send lots of money to Leo Hohmann, who also writes disinformation for WND, InfoWars, The Jewish Voice (New York), and Technocracy News. He's making bank from gullible anti-vaxxers.

I've nominated him for /s/ShitpostNews, here

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Anyone writing for right-Wing Zionist alt media corporations like InfoWar and WND (WMD) or the jewish Voice is likely a limited hangout. Can you connect WND with Technocracy news by chance?

Also, the vaccines don't work, they just make people seronegative and every leftist mom that has children knows this. Operation Warpspeed and the Vaccine Revolution was a Zionsit right wing push on a global scale.

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I wondered what you thought of this Zionist propaganda pusher. His motivations seem almost obvious to some of us.

Sorry to argue, but - pragmatically - vaccines will make it possible to re-open businesses, as this will reduce the spread of the virus. And I think you and I are not medical professionals who can tell others what the viruses do and don't do. We can however see the statistics.

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No, the spread will continue but under the auspices of seronegativity and falsified anti-body tests; from that the stats will be manipulated and the vaccine manufacturers will be the faux heros. My family is in medicine and I know many doctors who agree that the vaccines are about profit and even the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine has been reverse engineered and the genomic sequences do not match.