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Well a lot of people are curious about what role the Rothschilds play when it comes to their relationship with the Vatican so this record should be of interest to some.

The Rothschilds are described as the guardians of the papal treasure in the Jewish Encyclopedia of 1906. Despite the claims some have made about them controlling the Vatican, I believe the Rothschilds aren't nearly as powerful like a lot of people think, even the Rockefellers are probably more powerful than most of them anyway. Despite the fact that the Vatican owned some kind of debt to them, it at some point got rid of it and even used the money of the Rothschilds in order to fund the "Jew plan to conquer the world" conspiracy theories involving the Rothschilds themselves. So the Roths are ironically one of the worst traitors towards their own people and probably are shy self-hating Jews. /u/Veritas__Aequitas touches many of these subjects in this video:

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How odd of God to choose a Jewish family as guardians of the Pope's treasure.

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Jews controlling the Vatican an jesuits. Here we are full circle