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without catholic church, the world will turn into blood loving islamic hell hole.

while I don't know specifically the relation of 'money order' with Catholicism, but I'm well aware of the currently happening corruption of the church by Jesuit ... like how they changes the praying, banning on latin mass, etc. The question is on the resistance.

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LOL, you fell for what the jews want you to exactly fall for. Muslims can't do shit and the jesuits are overblown and also jewish controlled. The jews own you and enslave you and yet you think muzzies or the jesuits are the problem?

Oh well, I guess those sub human sect are god's chosen people.... look up Yossi Gurvitz when Israel is mighty, to know what's coming for you.

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Muslims can't do shit

do you forgets ottoman? look how much the mixed genetics out of captured slaves.

jesuits are overblown and also jewish controlled

this is still assumptions, we knew that jesuit is corrupted and many ordo dislike their too progressive behavior.

Its not that I'm rejecting the idea of jewish allmightiness etc, but avoid putting too much credit into something you have lack of evidences.

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To me, the evidence of their complete responsibility in September 11th, Epstein blackmail ring, the holohoax on top of winning world wars, their control of the media and Hollywood, American politicians who are all working for the jew, complete control of banking is more than sufficient and consider that we have an abundance of evidence.

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Keep em coming, you are one of the very few who actually direct people to real conspiracies on this site.