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Capitalism is a materialist ideology just like Communism; they both prioritize the unrestrained acquisition of wealth, either by the individual or the collective, over the well-being of the People, and of the Nation. I am of the opinion that Corporatism is the only ideology compatible with Nationalism — the only ideology that can save our Nation from complete destruction.

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I think you've oversimplified both ideologies. It's important to simplify things but never to the point that we break down truth and misrepresent reality.

Capitalism isn't really a political ideology. It's a particular approach to markets. (One I personally oppose but that's besides the point) It's an economic system. Capitalism gets confused as a political ideology because in order for it to be properly implemented the church or state has to give up some power. If private individuals can control the means of production then the church or the state loses the power to do so. We don't really have anything close to capitalism in the world today. States, religions, and occult groups have all the power and they feign commitment to capitalist ideas by heavily infringing on individual fortunes and rights to run enterprises.

Communism is a political ideology but it has many ideological camps. When I look at communism in history it doesn't look like a very natural or organic political philosophy. In fact it looks more like a political weapon pushed by Jewish people to wage war against their political, ideological, ethnic, and racial enemies. In most places communism is applied it is spread by Jewish people, helps Jewish causes and hinders non Jewish people and causes. The communist soldiers are the 'bio leninists' or 'spiteful mutants' of whatever society is targeted for destruction. Communism also seems to mysteriously support central banking even though it's ideological founder Karl Marxs opposes the affluent bourgeoisie and the soul crushing lifestyle that industrialization (aided by big banks) created.

I think what's important to take away here is the both communism and capitalism are international in scope. Over the long run they crush nationalism, crush racialism, crush family, and crush true ethnic diversity. Capitalism and communism mysteriously do not hurt international, seemingly pro race mixing people such as Jews. Capitalism and communism both mysteriously prop up a widening gap between haves and have nots. In capitalism it's owners and workers. In communism it's 'the party and their commissars' vs everyone else. Communism steam roles all former hierarchies (religious, merit, honor culture) in a society or nation and in fact reverses them causing extreme chaos, instability and eventual collapse.

I am of the opinion that Corporatism is the only ideology compatible with Nationalism — the only ideology that can save our Nation from complete destruction.

If by corporatism you simply mean 'fascism' I agree. If by corporatism you mean some weird neo-liberal mega CEO running the old republic as described by Moldbug I disagree. I think Moldbug is trying to steer all the libertarians away from ethnic fascism and into another libertarian ideology.

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Communism is Marxist/Leninist Bolshevism ie., Jewish destruction of amalek.

Socialism is a different matter but all isms are earthly corporations.

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I subscribe to the syndicalist variety of Corporatism, which in no way, shape, or form implies or endorses racial prejudice or superiority — simply the superiority of the Nation. Neither does it imply or endorse totalitarianism or dictatorship — simply the delegation of economic powers from politicians to corporate guilds. Furthermore, I reject class conflict between Workers and Owners, instead promoting unity and cooperation.

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I'm kind of cynical about this one. The only systems I respect are some form of authoritarianism, or the ideal Republic, which the US for example is not even close to resembling.

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That's what Talmudics support too. The US is still a republic, going along as is. Republic means charter corporation.

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Trump was put into place to villify patriotism/ nationalism as we abandon the old idea of countries in favor of globalism.

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You get it. Trump was a controlled opposition crypto-Jew cabalist.

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some must be pushed down in order for some to rise up

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I would rather a result where no one is sad.

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me too but that's not how capitalism works

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Screw them all. God and doing good is the only answer.