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I think knowing well just how corrupt the institutions in the US really are is important. The CIA has been involved in a lot of shaddy things before so this is a good reminder.

Some records revealed how Gary Webb was attacked by the CIA after exposing the cocaine smuggling connections it was involved in.

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u/useless_aether would deny this

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The story of how Gary Webb was murdered by the CIA after the CIA paid Gary Webb's fellow journalist to discredit him is just as important as the reason he was killed, the TRUE STORY Gary Webb reported of how the CIA TRANSPORTED/SMUGGLED PLANELOADS OF COCAINE in to the United States.

Everyone knows this story is true, but no one has even been held accountable.

These facts can not be posted here too many times.

Thank You Gary Webb, hopefully someday you will be vindicated. It took years and years for Epstein to finally be brought forward after he got a slap on the wrist for his first conviction.