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The US military continues to commit many crimes in the fights over at the Middle East so I wanted to remind everyone about this event involving Obama.

A week after Obama was awarded with the noble peace prize, a missile strike slammed one of the poorest tribes in Yemen and a lot of civilians were killed.

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So it was all civilians, women and children, no men?

Wow, us men must be bullet-proof and shrapnel-proof n shit?! Who knew?

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Collateral damage.

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41 minus (21 + 12) = 8.

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The 8 were 'civilians', see?

I wish I could find a video for you but the guy who created it had an accident and his channel was lost. It was a great video show example after example of exactly this kind of bullshit, how men are invisible to the media unless they can be blamed for something AS men.

Here "civilians" died, a helicopter goes down and "crew" died, a sub sinks and "sailors" died etc. At the very least, the man's profession is used, rather than admitting that it was a MAN who died or was hurt or in some way the victim.

But if a woman or women were the victims? Then that becomes the main thrust of the story, the main headline, the thing we're supposed to give as shit about?

Fuck that. The West is falling apart, as we treat men like we''re fucking invisible, worthless, disposable shit.

And we're the ones that make, do and fix everything.

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Gathering of military aged men. A target under Obama's ROE.

It'll start happening in America soon. The whole anti insurgency expertise that has been developed the past 20 years is about to be turned on us. Remember, you cheered for this.

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Surely you don't mean Obama's : Return On Equity.

What do you mean by ROE? I feel dumb and trapped in my financial analyst mind.

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Rules of engagement. When the military is allowed to open fire.

Any gathering of military aged males is deemed a legitimate target. No matter what it might be. Thus wedding bombings, funeral bombings, etc. The object is terror, to make the local population afraid to gather in groups.

Hey, it's coming to America soon! Just wait, they already turned DC into a Green Zone just like in Baghdad. Wait until they identify Americans as threats to their continued existence.

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The need to physically assault each other is disturbing in the first place, in my idyll there would be no military conflict.

But how do we change human nature? The effort to become civilised is painful. I couldn't even stop myself from being passive aggressive with the delivery driver 10 minutes ago.

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So? He supports trans rights so that makes it okay.

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Ok executehomophobes

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You're paranoid. Those missile strikes were justified.

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I don't think so fren

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The enemy is a transphobe. Who cares about the human rights of transphobes? Other transphobes, that's who!

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Plz don't kill me