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So the money was spent as intended: As another way of moving massive amounts of wealth to groups of soulless elites through abuse of taxes while average people foot the bill.

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Depressing how true this is.

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A lot of people know that the US uses a lot of tax money on military budget so I think this is a good historical record of how that money was used by the government.

The US spent $60 billion rebuilding Iraq after the 2003 war. There is virtually nothing to show for the money. Most of the money seems to have been stolen by US defense contractors.

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Halliburton got a large chunk of the money.

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The US should've either done nothing, or gone in, killed/displaced the natives, and colonized the land. If we had done that then Iraq today would be a booming up-and-coming land of promise, where US citizens could emigrate to to make their fortune in a new land of risk and reward. That's been the only successful model of taking over native populations. Otherwise you get what we have now: an excuse to redistribute money between elites while breeding new generations of terrorists and people that have zero respect or understanding of our culture or way of life.