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I've called it JewTube for the longest time

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Peertube is another

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SheTube? Because it's her turn. And feminism. And patriarchy.

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Lol, okay bud. Next you'll tell me no government oversight of chartered corporations is a good thing.

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no government oversight of chartered corporations is a good thing


If the state believes that certain organization needs to exist, it should be allowed to create it. But it shouldn't be able to bend the law in its favor. Once this new organization becomes too corrupt to work with, the market will replace it. This way, the state can have flexibility, but can't promote monopolies and centralization. Chartered corporations are unnecessary and harmful.

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Sure, the state is WE THE PEOPLE. Congress was never allowed to charter a quasi-private public banking corporation; it was a conspiracy that they admit in their charter woth the full backing of US corp. My point? Corporate lawyers are playing game theory with US corp for their own interests and so should not every laymen, farmer, laborer too.

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Last sentence is corret but corporation as fictional entities will always lobby congress.

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but corporation as fictional entities will always lobby congress

They will follow the easiest path. They will do what is necessary for survival.

If lobbying is both easy and necessary, everyone will be doing it. Otherwise.

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No, not for survival, for profit and exploitation. They didn't offshore their headquarters because they weren't making profit only that they could make more elsewhere and pay their laborers lower wages with no benefits.

They are not surviving these large, multi-national corporations. For if they were, they would be alive, created by God. They are fictional persons playing God's law and nothing will change withoutserious oversight and freethinking people that don't entertain themselves with party politics.

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They didn't offshore their headquarters because they weren't making profit only that they could make more elsewhere and pay their laborers lower wages with no benefits.

Have you forgotten the 90%+ tax? Government policies aren't just some magic numbers you adjust to get money. Trust and reputation takes ages to build, yet a moment to destroy.

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Of course not. I'm talking about corporate lawyers screwing the middle class for their own self-interests by directing policies with mammon by lobbying US corp.

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Look. Any government that is allowed to regulate the economy. Will be taken over. Because not only it is profitable, it will keep reminding everyone how profitable it is by stealing from them.

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Look. If we had proper education that instilled values and morals over mammon worship and free thinkers who understood corporate oversight and how to use Us corp for the betterment of community, liberty and freedom, we would be in a much better place. Too bad we have party politics and propaganda as the majoritative solution. But that comes when private corporate coups take over a quasi private public federal corporation.

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Doesn't work like that though. Bail ins and bail outs. The government IS A CORPORATION. Corporations were if ever chartered and had strict rules when they were. Chain corporations were forbidden for awhile because smart people knew that would lead to food stamps.

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A government is an organization with sovereignty. A corporation must have a lord.

Oh. You were trying to say that WE THE PEOPLE were supposed to be that lord? Sorry, but the world doesn't work this way.

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No, we the people are SUPPOSE TO PLAY GAME THEORY and apply our minds so that we control US corp and get what we need out of it, which is near impossible as parasitic, oligarchic subhumans who care only about mammon have captured it.

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You want individual people to compete with enormous organized teams of professionals? Even if you find a way to win, they can always just change the rules.

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Yes. Organized Unions of people who respect others and look to use US corp to help the weak, the needy and the tillers of the soil.


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Organized Unions of people

You want to create a new good government to protect you from your current bad government. And you want them to coexist. I.

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I want to play game theory like the corporate lawyers do who admit in their own words that the BAR and what they spew as the truth was founded on a conspiracy that they admit to.

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No.... the US corp is a corporation centered in the district of Columbia. Who owns and controls that corporation and its congress members, as they are all incorporated and traded on various databases such as congressmen RAND PAUL, etc., speak for US CORP and who ever has the money will determine the outcome. Corporations were if ever really chartered by US corp and didn't even exist as they do today. We don't need corporate lawyers messing with oversight and freeing corporations from liability.

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Regular elections were supposed to keep it uncontrollable. Why is it controlled? Because unelected bureaucrats share an agenda. Why can't they be replaced? Because some genius has promised them unemployment benefits. Now you have to pay for them to go away. Why are all these bureaucrats necessary? Because the government messes with things it was prohibited from touching.

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Hamilton's executive? Unemploymemt benefits are good if you get hurt on the job. Secondly, yes, the government needs to have less unneeded bureaucrats and more restrictions on large corporations and less barrier of entires and more incentive handicaps for the middle and lower classes to prosper and build their own businesses.

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The government needs a way to remove traitors and idiots. A quick, cheap and easy way.

I understand why unemployment benefits can be good. But they could have just created a huge non-profit. Once the market learns to rely on this non-profit, it would automatically maintain it.

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Lol. People don't exist, they're just an illusion created by multiple unrelated chemical reactions. Haha.

What is a thing? Our mind perceives systematic changes in the world and creates a model of their source. This model is a thing. We know it exists because the mind tells us so. This is how we can know something exists. This is how we can know corporations exist. Do they produce changes? Are these changes systematic? Then they should exist, for a healthy mind.

A social organization does whatever its members believe it does. It will be treated based on what outsiders believe it does. It exists as much as everything else exists.

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PEOPLE = Corporation, Yes it is a fiction. I love your haha's. Must be fun. You can go now nu-ager. CORPORATIONS DO NOT EXIST. That's why you cann't SUE a corporation only file suits against the individuals. You might actually be the sock puppet account.

Children of God, human beings is a real living thing HERE AND NOW. I stand before you. Persons and MAN are CORPORATIONS WHICH ARE FICTION!!!!!!!!!

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You can sue a corporation. You can't throw it in jail because some laws exist from before the clown world.

With enough time, any being will learn to love what it hates, and to hate what it loves. Memory is a fickle thing, and even if you find a technique to recover it, no head can store and process an eternity. Where is the you that is real?

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Corproations are fiction, what's it worth sueing a fictional entity when it continues to exist in imaginary land and it's members just change names. Shay's rebellion was cool.

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No, the US corp is something WE SHOULD OWN but DON'T for a common collective instead of nu-age grifters and private fictional corporations siponing monies from us for servies to foreign nations and weapons.

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When a family has a house, and then a squirrel enters this house and starts telling everyone what to do, does the family still own the house?

The squirrel is small and powerless, if the family admits they don't own the house, some other entity may claim it, and the squirrel won't be able to do anything.

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Brighteon, Ugetube, GabTV

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Thank you, added :)

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Jewtube implies Jews are a monolith. Call it it half breed Ziomormontube. Her sister is a mormon and she's a Zionist.

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Yup, it does come down to the content creators, so I'll still need some way to check YT without an account. Ideally some browser plugin that keeps track of channels somehow without an account.

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Look at the music being propagandized on children. It's thugs singing about killing women, doing drugs and murdering people but make a video about 9/11 and you're censored.

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There's just no flow. Put me down for ScrewTube

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Corbett performed a song a few times, "Screw YouTube".

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If you still want to watch YouTube but not get spied on or give them any views you can use the website Invidious. It pulls YT videos in their website. Looks like it also pulls the YT comments and even Reddit comments, didn't know that till now.

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also privacy redirect, to safeguard your links

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They have dumbed down America via television and aim to do it again via DumbTube.

See a long list of more YouTube alternatives (last list of many):