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First, let’s just say it — the free world is dead. Joe Biden is not the leader of the free world — he is a decaying husk of a ghost, a placeholder for the globalist scourge. He will be gone soon, and we will be left with an even less honorable person, a person who is ready to implement the evil policies of the Marxist, globalist left. Kamala Harris is many things, but a self-less leader who will defend America is not one of them.

America is no longer Ronald Reagan”s ‘shining city on the hill’…instead, it is a drug-infested autonomous zone with a surveillance state only a Chinese Communist Party member could love, where men who call themselves women take medals from the weaker sex in track meets. It is a place where so-called priests prey on little boys. It is where Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell steal elections through fraud, with the help of the CCP and an orgy of foreign interference. Yes, Mitch and the GOP sold out American a long time ago.

America is where the ‘oppressed’ burn their own neighborhoods, and blame it on the police, which they then defund to enable gang-governance. It is where people who preach against alleged racism, hate other races with public impunity. It is a place where the courts of the land are corrupt, in bed with the coup plotters on Nov 3rd of last year.

The free world is dead. We may get it back…but for now, let’s get off our high horse. 80 million Americans have been disenfranchised with the flick of a voting machine switch. The American experiment in human governance has taken a disastrous turn, one that if we don’t correct, will soon lead to Biden playing the fiddle while Rome burns.