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Anyone who cares about who actually "won" the election is the real dupe. They're both playing for the same team. And the real traitors are all of us who participate in the circus that legitimizes the process. If we all didn't vote, and instead called for a general strike on election day, then there would be no way we'd be having this silly conversation. The reason we are is because people do vote for this person or that person. You participate and therefore you legitimize. If all of us were protesting on election day instead of voting and Biden got 20 votes and Trump got 10 then the whole process would be illegitimate. See what I'm saying here? But because we are mostly compelled to vote for one or the other, and not given a chance to abstain or vote against the legitimacy of the process itself, the only other option is to not vote at all. Voting legitimizes the process, period.

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The vote matters, or George Soros wouldn't spend so much money stealing it. We are in the middle of a coup, and I'm afraid it's a repeat of 1917 Russia. Same people, same horrors coming down the line.

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Turn off the TV my friend and see through the paradigm. This technocratic takeover we're experiencing is nothing like anything we've seen in the past. The two party political theater is just that, theater. Both parties, both presidents, all those in club are all pushing towards a common idea of how society should be structured & how it should function. No matter if they are blue donky or a red elephant. The quicker you see that the easier time you'll have seeing this for what it really is.

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Both parties, both presidents, all those in club are all pushing towards a common idea of how society should be structured & how it should function.

Trump was closing down the wars, he had the opposite approach to carona as bidenpf, he was somewhat more protectionist with his trade policies, but yea on the environment and immigrants they are exactly the same.

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What war did he "close down"? How did he take a "different approach" to coronas? On the first point ill concede that Donald did not start any wars, but to say he closed down wars is incorrect. He didn't do anything to weaken or change the culture in our society around or digusting MIC. We are still in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, we are still policing the world spending trillions. All he did was shuffle troops around, he did not stop any of the fighting. He has signed every defense speeding bill, every renewal of the Patriot act, NDAA, illegal spying etc., bills, and yet you think he's different somehow because eof what he tweets or says? The second point is even more incorrect though. How on Earth would you say he has had a different response? Maybe in tweets or rhetoric but not in his actions. We have operation warp speed headed by Monsef saloui who is head of one of the biggest vaccine organizations in the world. It is a military/civilian Operation run by generals and pharma corporations heads. They are pushing a experimental vaccine that everyone is supposed to get. I could go on but again I ask, how is this any different than you think another president would have handled it? I honestly don't know how it could of been structured worse. The fact is he has been on lockstep with the actions of the capstone cabal. Whether we tweets or makes a speech to the contrary is exactly his roll to play my friend, the great divider. And oh, how he's played this roll so perfectly for the last 4 years which has been great for both sides of the fake political paradigm. Lose the Savior complex my friend these people are not out to help us.

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Local elections and local politics matter, perhaps more than ever, but on the scale of national politics, astronautrob is correct.

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on the scale of national politics, astronautrob is correct.

Except he isn't, lo

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The money is mostly spent to shape opinion, or to manufacture information.

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Same people

Oy vey! Stop with the anti-semitic remarks please!

And the vote only sorta matters. Trump was not good, he was just less bad. They are tired of people thwarting their plans with these lesser evil politicians, so they force their greater evil ones into power and coerce the others to fall in line.

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ur so dumb.

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Yes! This is what we need!

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You are totally right, rob. I've been saying this since I left highschool, and people keep acting like I'm the one who shit the bed.

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They'll act like that. Sheep tend to do things like that. It took me a long time to realize this myself. Having the option to abstain from voting because you disagree with the legitimacy of the process, and being able to indicate that on a ballot, would be a game changer. Think if even 50% of voters abstained, and I think it'd be bigger # than that, but even that would make the whole thing illigitimate

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There's a few VERY important differences. E.g. mass amnesty of ~30 million "hispanics" or whatever term de jour. That alone will destroy democracy in America forever, without a doubt. I know, I know, it's already dead but if we convinced more Whites to take their own fucking side it wouldn't be. With 30 million more Dems it's pointless.

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The government loots the whole nation to feather it's nests and those of it's friends. The whites vote and hope for change, the Mexicans deal drugs and do crime and cheat on taxes, the blacks scunge off welfare and steal anything that's not nailed down. Who are the smartest? Not the white voters.

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I don't think Whites are as stupid as they are naive. It makes perfect sense when Jews have taken extraordinary steps to control what they hear.

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If Trump did it, he would have won.

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They're both playing for the same team. And the real traitors are all of us who participate in the circus that legitimizes the process

I couldn't have put it better myself.

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Bingo! The first time I started figuring this out was in the Bush 2.0 election, and didn't participate in it, or any election since then. All I hear is people telling me I have a patriotic "duty" to vote. I tell them, No, I have a patriotic duty to not vote, to not play their game. bUt YoUr VoTe mAtTeRs, they tell me. I let them know that, in fact, it does not matter, and neither does theirs and that these parties are two sides of the same coin and the powers that be will install the person they want, regardless of what voters want. If that is not apparent in this election, then it never will be. I too, have said the only way to end this is to, as you mentioned, hold a national strike on voting, but we are incapable as a country to come together for any worthwhile cause, because too many people are sheep and believe whatever big tech, the media, and government tells them to believe.

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And six million people probably feel the same way.

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our government is being overthrown by a group that says that they will destroy us financially and that they will use violence to silence us.

if trump fails to take the election, which he did win, many people in the united states are going to learn what it is like to live in the united states of china and you may get a taste of what it was like for jews that lived under nazi rule.

i am a dupe.

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No, we will get a taste of what it was like for white Christians in 1917 Russia

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Anyone who cares about who actually "won" the election is the real dupe. They're both playing for the same team.

Nah, the outsiders were a threat to the political cucks, and that's why they were cheated.

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Dude, the dead rose from their graves to vote for the guy. They came in the tens of thousands. Of course there's something magical about him.

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And like ghosts, they left no evidence.

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Literally the only votes that were from dead people were casted for Donald 😂

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Yeah because only nut jobs would question this election but not every previous election 😂 yall snowflakes that need to get out of your echo chambers

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not every previous election

Do you have any articles about 2012 being stolen?

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But despite the massive yawn for Biden from the black community where I live, and even though Trump did better among black voters than any Republican since 1960, Biden got more votes from black voters than Barack Obama did! It defies belief.

The msm is literally using Hitler’s big lie propaganda strategy. They say it all the time.

But to your quote, yea it resonates because I suspected the dnc stole black votes as soon as black precincts were used as shields to accuse Trump of taking their votes by challenging Detroit’s lies. They know poor black people vote at low rates so they are the perfect voices to steal. It’s really sick.

Candace Owens nailed the mental plantation metaphor the DNC uses on black people.

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The msm is literally using Hitler’s big lie propaganda strategy.

It was Hitler that talked about it, but it was never a strategy he used himself. In Hitler's time, just as today, the Big Lie was a tactic of the lying Jewish media, which he pointed out and criticized.

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So why does the media and the dnc talk about “identity” and never talk about economic or working class interests?

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The media will talk about minority identities, but never the majority identity. Even Donald Trump refuses to say "White people." When you homogenize your country, you make it so that you don't have to talk about identity - it is implicit - and then you actually have time to talk about economic issues. Our elites love diversity because when people have no common biological interest, it is easy to divide them and keep them focused on petty squabbles.

None of that has anything to do with the Big Lie. The Big Lie is when the media puts forward a narrative so outlandish that nobody thinks to question it. The best example of this is in fact the Holocaust. "What? Who would be so depraved as to fabricate the slaughter of millions?" Of course, it's much more common in lesser forms. It's a Big Lie when they call a peaceful demonstration a "violent insurrection," especially when those same people endorsed burning and looting across the country all summer.

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No, big lie is well documented. The Nazis well-documented their regime and international criminal courts tried the Nazi war crimes. You’re going to need to provide proof and you have a high burden of proof to overcome the overwhelming evidence against what you suggest. As it stands now, what you allege is more revisionist history. The Woke do the same thing, but with whatever oppressed group. Like queer theory reads trans into things and rewrites history with transgenders. Or the 1619 project recasts America as founded because of slavery. I hope you can see the similarity in your ideology to these ideologies. As long as you are caught in the weeds, you’ll never see the forest through the trees. The politicians just sit back and watch the show because the focus will never befall them so long as people think a superficial, outside detail, is way more important than it is.

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Candace Owens nailed the mental plantation metaphor the DNC uses on black people.

Biden literally said youre not black if you dont vote for him, he was AGAINST desegregation LOOOL

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Shit man, you better bring this evidence to Guiliani so maybe he can actually win a court case. 🙄

Urban counties voting Democrat? My god, unheard of!

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Problem; the cases were all dismissed. No evidence was presented.

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Ah yes, the grand conspiracy of every judge in the country!

Or could it be...Guiliani says different things in the courtroom than he says on TV, and the judges find it absolutely ridiculous because they aren't retarded? 🤔

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How many of those cases were filed by Guiliani?

How many of those judges were installed by the swamp?

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No. Guiliani is a criminal prosecutor who is not skilled in civil election law. No specialist lawyer wanted to touch Trump because of the sjw mob culture in the legal profession. It’s not Guliani’s area of expertise.

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LOL of course it's the SJWs fault Trump's team can't muster any evidence. LOL the mental gymnastics, I love it, fucking adorable

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Legal cases would usually take a long time, trying to make evidence in a court format in 1 month is probably really hard.

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Endorsing the end of elections that at least attempt to appear legitimate will probably be less beneficial to you than you believe.

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You mistake me -- legitimate elections are absolutely necessary. But evidence, in this case, is sorely lacking.

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evidence, in this case, is sorely lacking.

The lie does work, which is why it's so common. But my above sentiment remains.

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Lie? Do you have some evidence that Guiliani doesn't know about?

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Why would I believe anything a Guiliani says? People don't reach the positions he's had unless they're cabal whitelisted.

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In that case, why would you believe anything Trump says?

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Why would you believe I believe anything Trump says? Where are you getting that from? Certainly not from me.

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I may have misunderstood your initial comment.

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But evidence, in this case, is sorely lacking.

This is where your opinion is the opposite of tens of millions of Americans. I forget the actual numbers, but it's very large. Aside from the actual fraud itself, it's a problem when a large percentage of the population believes the government is illegitimate.

There, I think I finally came up with a way to say that pretty neutrally.

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One example of around 4000 videos, posts, and claims about fraud I've seen across the country. The difference with this one is that it's by a news outlet, rather than individuals.

Whether some person takes those to court or not is irrelevant. What is relevant is that it's all credible enough for millions to take it seriously.

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Donald lost, get over it snowflake 😂

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Fascism won! celebrate bootlick.

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Biden is not going to be potus. Trump will get another 4 years. I guarantee it.

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Did you forget to take your meds?

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I did, thanks for reminding me.

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Dont forget that vitamin c doesnt go good with tinfoil ;)

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Hah, I meant my heart meds. u/HighGuy made me think if I took them today and I hadn't.

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Which one are you on? If Lisinopril, watch out for the cough, it can really mess with you. I just changed.

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I take benazepril and metoprolol. The Benazepril is in the same class as Lisinopril, ace inhibitors.

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Took opioids for over a decade, as I weaned myself off, the cough came. Figured out on my own it was Lisinopril. Still have emphysema & asthma, but the damn cough was lisinopril.

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Gee, maybe they did a mail-in ballot like most liberals did.

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IMO it was vote harvesting used widely in the places where it wasnt outlawed.