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The difference between the most and the least powerful people on the planet, has always lied lain in their mental capacity.
Once the majority get the ability to understand and improve their minds, what our leaders want or think becomes irrelevant.
The stage of sapience will end, and the stage of gods will begin.

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I think you want to use "lain" here instead.

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It only happens their way if we allow it.

No matter what, a "Reset" happens regardless of who initiates it. If we get all demoralized and we don't carefully watch what all tptb are doing, we'll get the dystopian bullshit all of us know we wouldn't enjoy. If we spread information and become informed ourselves, we can easily avoid it and regain the freedoms that were stolen from us.

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I don't think this will be an easy fight. They've been preparing longer. It's going to be like upside-down horizontal wall climbing.