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Also, Murdoch, Woolsey, and Rodman have Jewish ancestry.

The Catholic has been hijacked by crypto-Jews and masons.

Whatever he is, he acts in the interests of Israel. And I know that int eh early inception of the US Jews fronted masonic lodges and used false names.

Solzhenitsyn shows this in his book in regards to the Bolsheviks. Of course, wikipedia states that Solzhenitsyn never said this, and if he did, it is anti-Semitic.

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The Catholic has been hijacked by crypto-Jews

No. Cringe.

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Yes, no cringe.

Opus Judeo, JESUITS aligned with Francis and Bergoglio himself promote anti-Christ noahidism and Talmudic blasphemies.

They promote the inclusiveness of religious fundementalist Judaism and gut Yeshua's teachings.

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What absolute garbage. The Vatican II ecumenical movement encompassing the Catholic-Jewish reconciliation was initiated by the Jesuits, not Jews.

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Yes, and also many Noahide rabbis who happend to be Jewish were at that council. Lots of them. But I never mentioned this ecumenical movement, you did.

Jesuits have been infiltrated by cryptos and ideological subversion for many years now.

That photo alone shows that Bergoglio is co-opted and after all, he does promote Talmudic noahidism which the racist rabbis preach as 'universalism.'

Whatever the modern form of Jesuitism is, it is similar to that of marrano Jesuitism. But all that is beside the point when we have Bergoglio seen here taking photo-opt with the most anti-Christ of peoples, who are also Pharisaical.

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Do you have anything to say about the link I posted? Why are Jewish Rothschilds hanging out with the Pope? Why does the Pope promote Chabadnik Noahidism? There might be a link between the Jews of Babylon and the Catholic rites that parallel Babylonian culture.

Also, do you promote Barry Chamish, who admitted that certain Zionist Jews did 9/11 but that NETANYAHU was not at fault.

Do you have any write-ups on Netanyahu and the Likud?