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Yes, the false marrano and Israel aligned Jesuits.

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The Vatican and its Jesuit pope endorse a two-state solution. Cope, NEET.

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And many Zionists do too. I support a one state solution where all Palestinians and Jews have rights.

Now, stop while your ahead.

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Yes AIPAC as traitors to their own people have voiced support for a two state plan. How can you say that like it possibly helps your case?

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Okay, then speak out about AIPAC. 90% of funds to Israel and Zionist causes as JEWISH. Grant F. Smith writes on this in more detail. AIPAC is also anti-Christ and anti-Americanism.

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Okay, then speak out about AIPAC.

I literally just linked you a video about how AIPAC is submitted to the Jesuits.

90% of funds to Israel and Zionist causes as JEWISH.

It's all military funding. I showed this in the video. It is for the defense of the modern Jesuitized Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. Shimon Peres already gave the Old City and all of its holy sites including the Temple Mount to the Vatican.

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A video doesn't cut it. 94% of all funds to Zionist causes come from Jewish establishment.

I know that Jews will be destroyed by the anti-Christ. They have to repent and follow Yeshua. Christians preach the gospel in Israel only to be spat on and assaulted by the Orthodox community.

There is a Jewish sect which wants control of the Holy land and a Catholic Sect. I'm not denying that.

We know who killed JFK. That was neo-Fascist CIA, the Irgun/Mossad and Freemasons under the P2 lodge.

There is a mutual agreement between Zionist Jews and the neo-Catholic P2 lodge that situates itself with the Rothschilds.

The meek, stoic Catholics have little control anymore.

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You haven't challenged a thing I've said.

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So, what do you support then? A two or one state solution? Do you support full rights for the Palestinian people who have been tormented by the racist state of Israel for 80 years?

The problem with the two state solution is that Zionist Jews and Zionist non-Jews alike, can continue to use this position as a bargaining chip indefinitely perpetuating the settler agenda.

On the other hand, the one state solution, is also being promoted by many Israelis under the threat that
Palestinians must convert to noahidism.

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The problem is that est. 94% of funds for Zionist causes come from the Jewish establishment in the US. Unknowing or knowing of the impact this funding causes.

Only 6% come from the extorting of preachers and hierarchy of Their churchgoers in the duped 'Christian' Zionist establishment.

That can be read on Grant F. Smith's website.

My take is simple. I disagree wholeheartedly with Judaism. For it is anti-Christ. But Christians, Jews, muslims, Israeli or Palestinian, should come under one country with FULL POLITICAL and Personal rights. This will never happen if the laws of Yeshua, whether, we are to believe in his divinity or not, are not followed.

In order to do this, the Likud would have to be disbarred from holding any political power.

The problem is, noahides and Jewish fundamentalists dictate the racist policies of the ethnostate.

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By the way. I know that distributists like Chesterton and Belloc advocated for Zionism. They believed that Jews were alien to states and would cause problems.

I knownthere was a wing of the Vatican that advocated for Zionism with help from the Rothschilds.

First, Jews must call out that funds to the Zionist cause come primarily from Jews in the US.

Like in every group, there are criminals in its ranks.

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So, do you support United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334? John Kerry is an incorporated skull and bones member, so whether he says he is Catholic or not, is beside the point. His ancestry is Jewish and worked for the Sassoon banking family with ties to Rothschild.

Kerry did make some good points on Likudnik supremacy, however, which is odd to say the least.