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We in the anti-Jesuit sphere (primarily Eric Jon Phelps, Southern Israelite and myself) have been saying for years there is going to be a third party and right-wing resistance movement that will be Catholic-controlled. Here we have a huge Catholic deep state asset, Jesuit-trained Frank Gaffney (also involved with 9/11 crusade in the middle East via his Center for Security Policy) starting the predicted Catholic third party. Those who are attaching themselves to this movement are going to be subjugated to Roman Catholics and sacrificed pursuant to elimination of the second-age man in Joachim of Fiore's prophecy. Nick Fuentes, a young Roman Catholic man, is being set up as the next leader of this movement.

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Eric Jon Phelps is a shill who pushes the flat earth Psyop, is a self-admited Israel lover and diamond dealer.

His book is full of disinfo.

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Nick Fuentes is a shill. And a fake Catholic. It's not even hard to see this. You're making a mountain out of a molehill.