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They tell whites to stop having children whilst funding a demographic explosion in Africa and migration of Africans and Arabs to white nations. The end goal is the extermination of whites. The people lobbying for, financing and carrying out all of this are Jews.

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I was wondering if "Jews" would show up in the thread, and here it is.

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I wonder which websites promulgate this 'Jews own the world' conspiracy stuff? I find it quite laughable, you only have to look at Israel, the relative poverty there, the fact that their borders are porous and that the arabs around regularly attack them so they have no security. For people who control the whole world you'd think they would do a little better at home wouldn't you?

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Israel is doing just fine, but these are good questions. This supposed grand conspiracy must be larger than Israel or it makes no sense.

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larger than Israel

lol, I like that, yes, much larger. I wonder if the average jew over there realizes how tens of millions of people in the west are scope locked on them.

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it's not really joos in general, the global elite that decides anything, are all joos(or nearly).

their borders are porous

what are you on about? name any country that has a wall. i can think of isreal and that's it. maybe hungary, since the african invasions. not sure if hungary did the whole country.

the arabs around regularly attack them so they have no security

that's a load of crap. maybe they have single attacks here and there, a missile here and there, but what would you do if your land was taken and portion of your state was being annexed(or colonized) by the country that took your land? haven't you noticed how much larger isreal is since 1948? if the zog in the united states didn't bribe, extort or lobby so much, keeping the u.s. as the watch dog, isreal would be isntreal. there's a reason joos have been kicked out of so many countries the past 2k years. the joo will always tell you he's persecuted, but never why.

now i don't know anything about the poverty there, never researched any of that.

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Yes Yes, I'm no joo fanboy either but I don't buy into the "They rule the world" meme. To me it's like Apollo conspiracy stuff, very little evidence other than the fact they control a lot of banks and media. Look at China, a real rising power, what is their influence there? Or Russia that controls half the energy flows into Europe, Is that controlled by the joo? Not likely, by the old politburo more like it. And India? No way. Sure they control western capital flows and media agendas to a large degree but in 20 years that could all be out the window.

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Banks, media, government - all centers of power.

Banks control their interests.

Media controls their minds.

Govern Ment = Control Mind.

Mao didn't come from nowhere. He was funded by the Yale Skull & Bones. Well documented. The Chinese Communist revolutions was a Rothschilds project. Verify it yourself, here's a start:

Russia is dominated by billionaire oligarchs and the Ashkenazi Red Jewish Mafiya (they spell it like that). Verify it yourself, here's a start:

The Commonwealth: India, Canada, Austrailia, etc. are all still completely dominated by England and their German monarchy in bed with the Rothschilds.

All are tied in with Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Mossad, B'nai B'rith, etc.

Clearly you don't know much about Jewish supremacy. It's an uncomfortable journey of discovery, but once you see it you can never unlearn it and it's worth knowing about.

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So if one were to control the money supply and demand in a country, one would control the country. Not only that, here in the u.s. they control all of Hollywood, all the major porn studios, all the media companies in the u.s. are owned by a joo and every single top management position in every major media company has a joo. joos control most of the govt. Many of them dual citizens. The past 5 presidents' children had to marry joos. Except obummer, those kids were loaned to him by nesbit and his wife.

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Not only that, here in the u.s. they control all of Hollywood, all the major porn studios, all the media companies in the u.s. are owned by a joo and every single top management position in every major media company has a joo.

So do you watch the news? Watch all the new movies that come out and watch general TV shows? I don't. None of it. Anyone who believes what you say, and I have no doubt it's correct, would be working up for themselves a nasty case of cognitive dissonance by owning a TV. Basically they are bowing down to the joo, like a good goyim would.

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no tv. haven't had cable for 20 years. don't watch news unless it might be on at someone's house. not for long either. joos have controlled govt's to make laws that make it illegal to question the holohoax, illegal to boycott isntreal. it sounds like you're not even considering it. i can lead a horse to water but i can't make it drink.

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I've always assumed it was a Rothschild thing. Characterize it as a jew thing rather than a Rothschild thing so there will be plenty of patsies available to take the blame when needed.

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Oh yes for sure. The true elite joos live in Europe, why wouldn't they? A French chalet, a retreat in the Swiss Alps or the Black sea? All those ruthschildren live up there I believe.

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But it's not wrong.

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It's that jewish supremacy!!!