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Haven't read the article yet but was thinking....last year I bought a new car. I've never owned a brand new car, I had a 2006 prior but it was costing more to upkeep than it was worth so I traded it. My old car had no bluetooth or any type of connections, but my new car has all the state of the art type stuff. I thought it was odd though that I can't turn off the radio. I can mute it, but it is always on. Meaning, it is always streaming something since I have xm and I usually link my phone. It maybe nothing, but does anyone find it odd that on newer vehicles we can't completely disconnect with a push of a button? I did some cursory searching and you can disconnect by disabling some wiring, but it is troublesome, at least a bit.

Maybe I am paranoid, I don't know. But I do leave all electronics behind when I run, walk the dogs, or go into stores.