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No, it's not Julius Caesar, Christianity derived from older sources like the ancient canaanite religion. It's a whole rabbit hole.

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Chistianity is the most powerful religion in the world with billions of followers, so we should know about the origins of the same.

There are way too many similarities between the story of Julius and Jesus. Could it be that Jesus is actually a deification of him, with the whole thing being his and Constantine's psyop?

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No, it's rather that the legends around Jesus and some roman heroes both were mostly taken from earlier greek gods such as Dionysius.

The Jesus Mysteries by Peter Gandy is good on this.

Also Jesus is actually the same name as Joshua in the old testament but in a Greek accent so not derived from Julius (which is derived from the Roman Troy refugee origin myth).

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Don't forget all the Talmud verses talking about Yeshua. Caesar hijacked Yeshua's teachings, institutionalising them into a levitical hierarchy and then persecuted Yeshua's followers, whether Roman, Greek, Samaritan, or Jew; for in Christ, there is neither Roman, Greek, Samaritan, Jew, etc. Get it?

If disciples of Yeshua loved him so much as to folow his teachings why did Caesar persecute those that followed "The Way?" It is true too that the Jewish high preists sought by Rome before the temple destruction followers of "The Way," to catch them in the act so as to, like Judas, persecute them through the liaison of Roman soldiers.

Yeshua's way is both an enemy of Pagan Rome and Judaism that rejected Yeshua.

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Yeshua is real and a known fact. Polycard and hundreds of Christians didn't die for Caesar's cause when he killed and persecuted them. Ot makes no sense. There are of coorse similarities.