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Take a look at Italy though who was devastated by covid (some 36,000 deaths) after failing to contain the original infection.

Italian politicians were calling this a hoax back in April and May.


Below is an honest analysis of a Bloomberg Coco article about the deaths in Italy from March 18, 2020.

This guy is entertaining.

Coronavirus - Italy Deaths...The REAL Story

Wuhan China was the epicenter of public protests pushing to to fix the horrendous pollution problems in that region.

Protests Over Incinerator Rattle Officials in Chinese City (July 2019)

The Chinese govt has a strong interest in faking an outbreak to suppress public dissent.

Who knows how many righteous protesting people (who deserved to breathe clean air) were swept up and disappeared as "Covid".

These are the real crimes of the Chinese state in this fiasco.

Coco is a 100% hoax PsyOp.
A scamdemic in every sense.