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Kotch's postulates

Doesn't apply to viruses, AFAIK.

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Kotch's postulates

Doesn't apply to viruses, AFAIK.

They don't apply Koch's postulate, because viruses haven't been proven to cause illness.

They haven't been able to isolate any contagious virus outside the body. So they gave up on applying Koch's postulate.
They predict an outcome, and make an excuse to fit their assumptions.
That's called pseudoscience.

This is the smoking hoax gun.

If they can't isolate something, yet they are supposedly certain that is the cause.

A similar thing happened a couple of centuries ago.

Sailors were dying on ships. Entire crews.

It started with symptoms of illness.
Then teeth would fall out. Then these sailors would die...

It was assumed that there was a contagious disease going around.

Until some sailors started eating limes, and they healed.

There was no contagious disease. It was scurvy.

The bogus viral theory is the modern scurvy.

Scurvy scientists with scurvy pseudoscience.