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Pretty much everybody who got HIV back then died. Not to mention that nobody really gave a shit about HIV until it started affecting people other than gay men, Haitians and IV drug users. Not the same thing at all.

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It's quite difficult to acquire HIV as a monogamous heterosexual person. The US with all its sexualities is probably contributing to the spread. 50 years ago, no one was asexual. 50 years in the future, you'll be able to marry your dog, at least in the US.

Pansexual, asexual, demisexual, sapiosexual (OK, this is getting stupid now), skoliosexual, polysexual, androromantic, objectosexual etc.

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It's quite difficult to acquire HIV as a monogamous heterosexual person

Not really as 20% of married people cheat on their partners, higher in non-married couples. It doesn't matter if you are completely monogamous, if your partner is screwing around you will still get STIs.

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Nah, that number is way more than 20%.

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Go mgtow bro!

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Well, that depends on one's definition of monogamous. If one partner cheats then it is no longer a monogamous relationship--it's polygamy but non-consensual. Also, if one changes a partner every month or three months, I wouldn't consider that to be quite monogamy.

I accept your point though.

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Brutal dogpill right there

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Incorrect.There was a small percentage that was unaffected by the virus for genetic reasons.They could still spread the virus to other people not having their innate immunity and these people would die. But that was not the point of my argument. HIV denialists would claim that HIV not meeting Koch's postulates meant that there was no link between HIV and AIDS.As FreedomUtld patiently explained to you,Koch's postulates were generated in 1890, before modern concepts in microbial pathogenesis that cannot be examined using Koch's postulates, including viruses and asymptomatic carriers.

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Ah, i see your point. My bad.