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You aren't even able to dissect all my climate change arguments which you nevertheless claim to be a hoax.

I ignored your anecdotes, and instead described in detail the physical flaw in the climate change hoax.

You pretend to have a technical background, and I included reminders of the basics in the explanation.

It's obvious that you're a pretending to understand physics and chemistry basics.

Central point refutation. Top of the Pyramid.

The physical reality is gases can only absorb/emit narrow and discrete bands of EM radiation. Period.

Gases have no lattice structure and cannot behave as a greenhouse analogue. Period.

So-called greenhouse gases are functionally transparent to virtually all IR that is emitted from the surface (+99%)and the IR is emitted into space, because IR is emitted in a broad spectrum.

Gases have no lattice structure and cannot behave as a greenhouse analogue.

They cannot trap heat as the climate hoax argument goes.

Game over.

At this point i know how to poke holes into your reality but you're not even close to mine.


I studied with books and such. You are just boring me. So you are wasting my time on this planet.

Really??? You "studied with books and such"?

That's hilarious.

They must have been joke books... ;-)

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At this point, /u/ElifromtheBook and your commentary has devolved into mostly personal attacks rather than attacks on the argument itself. [you] this, [you] that.