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Don't worry about the actual Democratic party taking any physical action. None of those guys have worked outside of an office for 30 years, they aren't taking to the streets with weapons now. The army won't take orders from them. The main threat from them is that they will try to drag the process through the courts for years. And then the endless indictments which they all believe will definitely, definitely work this time.

I also think the left has already shown the size of its strength on the streets. You won't get anything bigger than the biggest BLM riots so far. So plan for that size of trouble.

Then you just have to worry about individual terrorists or maybe new completely new tactics, maybe disruption of transport or utilities (which Extinction Rebellion did try in the UK).

Frankly the best prevention for this is just to calmly let Democrats you come across know Trump might win, why and that the world won't end. The main reason for crazy reactions is that people get stuck in a media bubble where they don't see the full range of possibilities then when something they don't expect happens they assume it's cheating, unfair or underhand. All that is needed for Trump to win is for more people to vote for him than the other geriatric rapist, no conspiracy necessary. That's what people need to hear.

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People need to be suing the shit out of these cities and start suing these mayors, DAs, city council members, etc at a personal level for any damages they're inflicted. If this happened, then this shit would stop immediately.

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The reality is that these Patriots are not going to fight back. That is not meant as an insult, but if the military does take part in a coup to remove trump - do you really think that any of these gun loving 2a people are going to do anything? Absolutely not.

2A tough guys are some of the most full of shit people I have ever encountered. People like this always LARP like they're the last line of defense and how they're one day gonna rise up and take to the streets. It's all crap. These people will just be rolled over and do nothing. Sure there might be a single digit percentage of them that'll do anything but I am so tired of hearing all this smack talk from these people.

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Thats not quite true. The militias and 2A supporters have been actively fighting against the rioters for the past 3 months. They have participated in many street battles with Antifa and BLM: There have been shootouts and fatalitys.

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The militias and 2A supporters have been actively fighting against the rioters for the past 3 months.

48 of the largest 50 cities in the USA have been hit by BLM riots. But sure, there's been a handful of Proud Boys out there opposing it.

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You haven't been keeping up to date. These are just a few of the encounters that have happened.

Antifa Attacks Man With Skateboard — Gets Shot In Self Defense.

Captured On Camera – Man Gets Out of Car and Shoots Antifa-BLM Protester in Austin, Texas.

Huge brawl breaks out in Portland as Proud Boys and Antifa fight with baseball bats and pepper spray.

Antifa Makes a Wrong Turn into MAGA Country and Gets a Beatdown.

And of course, there was the incident involving Kyle Rittenhouse. He was with a local militia, defending businesses against the rioters.

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You haven't been keeping up to date. These are just a few of the encounters that have happened.

So you seriously believe that the 2A boys are at all keeping these riots in check? You honestly believe that. I will grant you there's some militias out there LARPing but it's really not having much impact.

I'm not saying there are zero but what I am saying is there are having next to zero impact. Not to mention you're throwing away your lives by doing this like Rittenhouse will soon find out.

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You mean approximately 3% ?

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You get it. They are all mouth,just whining forever,pretending tough guy,lol. I bet they love ass fucked by theur wife at night.

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McVeigh/Breivik/Tarrant did something.

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I just enjoying USA ripped apart. Jews enjoying too,in the end this is their show,not us.

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the military is the key. If Trump wins and they try to coup d'etat anyway, they all need to be hanged. But that won't happen since they have the tanks and guns.
They sat by idly for 8 years as Obama shat on the Constitution. I suspect they'll similarly do nothing again. If it doesn't involve invading some loser backwater middle East country, the military won't do jack shit.

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This is hilarious