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A large part of Jerusalem was owned by the Orthodox Church, and somehow ended up in the hands of the Jews through deals that have been considered questionable and not favorable to the Orthodox Church.

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I'm sorry wait what? I had nothing to do with it!

I did however find this write up that you may find of interest.

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So, you're Jewish? That's why you attacked me when I mentioned neocons. Read the plot against the church by Maurice Pinay or his blog. Pinay shows that the pope is controlled by cryptos, which is why freemasons love him.

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It doesn't matter if religious Jews or Israelis think that "Catholic theology" is "strange looking" or extremely "ritualistic." What matters is that all Israelis understand that The Vatican has a secret agenda and it includes stealing the Old City of Jerusalem away from the Jews.

The current Jesuit Pope is working with Talmudists and pushing noahidism. So, this is wrong.

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Yup, Maurice Pinay shows that Vatican 2 is when Talmudist Noahides took over the Catholic Church and kicked out traditional catholics. Many of the traditional Catholics, that are few, knew who did 9/11 and are anti-usury.

Talmudists are Noahides and pro-usury.

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Vatican is under the control of Talmudists and Cabalists. Search Maurice Pinay. The Vatican are NOT under the control of traditional Catholics or the blood libel Jesuits but the crypto-Jesuits.