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This documentary contains a never before done tracing of the lineage of freemasonic doctrine to Christian neoplatonic mysticism/monasticism and specifically to the monk Mesiter Eckhart. It also contains original exposition on the freemasons' gnostic goals with regard to the Third Age prophecy of Joachim of Fiore and the Jesuit Order. This is a novel, groundbreaking history and analysis of freemasony, the enlightenment and new world religion, which is not a new religion at all, but is one stemming from ancient times within the monasteries. I also show in the first part of the video how the offices and rules of the masonic lodges are based on the Benedictine precepts for structuring monastic life and community.

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Interesting, do they read the Laurianic Cabala?

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At 46:00 it is shown how the Kabbalah is based on neoplatonism.

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In the Middle Ages, neoplatonist ideas influenced Jewish thinkers, such as the Kabbalist Isaac the Blind, and the Jewish neoplatonic philosopher Solomon ibn Gabirol (Avicebron), who modified it in the light of their own monotheism. Neoplatonist ideas also influenced Islamic and Sufi thinkers such as al Farabi and Avicenna.

So, that is how to was integrated into Jewish thought. I always wondered why many prominent Jews are Cabalists. There were also too, many Christians that studied the cabala as well.