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The proportion of posts/comments on reddit and the like that are just incredibly brutal against anti-vax just seem like a red flag in itself. There are many comments that say anti-vax deserve to die, should go to jail and lose their children, etc.. You aren't allowed to even question vaccines nor point to links that show injuries and info without being labeled a crazy anti-vaxxer and told all of the above and more.

To me, this is too strong of a reaction to be all 'real' and so then makes me question "Why is this such a big agenda that they'd be this brutal? Why this strong of a push to push others that anti-vax is wrongthink and applaud them for attacking others?"

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I just want to say, we have smart people here saying all jews should die just because the cabal is incredibly jewish. I could see a bunch of scared "scientismists" freak out and say all anti-vaxxers should be slain.

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It's a bit too prevalent to just be from regular folks. That leads to why someone would be pushing to destroy any questioning or checks on vaccines. You can't even be moderate on it without someone saying that you should die and your kids be taken from you.

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I agree.