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It's important we keep a record of the cases...

I think the records are disappearing, in some cases at least. Today I went to the Wiki article on Agent Orange and searched for monsanto to confirm that Monsanto had indeed been the only manufacturer of AO. Was Dupont involved? I still don't know because there was no mention in the AO article about Monsanto, or any other manufacturer. Agent Orange would be on a list of the top five weaponized chemicals ever, right in there with Zyclon B. AO is probably worse than Zyclon B since people exposed to it may have damaged genes and not know it until they have an abnormal child. So you get two generations with one spray. But there is no mention of who made AO in the article. A duckduckgo search will turn up that information and I'll do it tomorrow. (Agent Orange was not a gas but a liquid converted to aerosol just before spraying. It was used in SE Asia from 1961 to 1971, exposing millions on both sides of that war.)