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We use oil in nearly all parts of food consumption, transportation, and pretty much everything else.

I got these cheap rugs from Walmart (I know, I know). I looked up the fabric online because I'd never heard of it before. Gross, it's a byproduct of the petrochemical industry. Eeewww. I'll be more careful with my rug, clothing, and everything else on your list purchases from now on. I wonder if there are people in the 'first world' that manage to ever get all of it out of their lives, or do you think it's impossible?

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I highly doubt that it's possible, they have made us rely on these products for our lives, and combated alternative products so that they are either more expensive (think bamboo sheets, rather than your traditional sheets) or are not available.

Also, plastics are made from parts of crude oil, and themselves are harmful, but who doesn't use plastics at the very least daily?

Can we? Yes. May we? well, the powers that be seem to have said NO.