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Found this through the AMA on reddit with James Corbett. Hadn't delved into big oil much, was not only eye opening but good for those with little to no knowledge on the subject. Seems to be the heart of many conspiracies, maybe?

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I would think it has to be, we're reliant on a source of energy that we can tell, as lay people, we've advanced past. With proper funding, or government subsidization, renewable fuels could possibly have taken over until truly green energy was accomplished. We use oil in nearly all parts of food consumption, transportation, and pretty much everything else. Lots of people would stand to loose lots of jobs, but more importantly the people in power would lose comfy seats to newcomers from a competing energy source, which leads me to believe the government participates, after all - "better the devil you know than the devil you don't"

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Exactly. The jaw dropper in this documentary though is that those "big oil" people have in essence created the climate change buzz and have also created the new sources needed in the future, so that they will be the ones to profit from those new necessities. Along with all the linked in controls that will program the new appliances, usage meters, etc. that can also be used to monitor everyone.

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I'm sure people have stumbled across the case of Stanley Meyer, which rings to me as the smoking gun when 'big oil' decided to pursue 'alternative energy solidarity.' It's a conspiracy in the literal sense, since they conspired to keep people from outside the 'group' from establishing alternative energy competition as long as it took to get the players into place, which you referred to in your last sentence.

Since all the companies pretty much run the establishment with fiscal reserves, kinda feels like it's reverse-communism, where the companies are the government instead of being state sponsored. Curious thought, but maybe it's just my intoxicated mind.