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The bankers plan is to start a war up top while they hide in their underground cities.

"Meanwhile, U.S. forces are preparing for the eventuality of fighting in “megacities”—sprawling cities with a population of a million or more. In the urban environment, a distance of 100 meters could seem insurmountable, as friendly and enemy forces operate closely to one another in a patchwork of buildings, sewers, and back alleys."

"Rowan Cocoan I worked for MK ( Morrison Knudsen ) world wide construction co. in 75 and were building the boring machines 40' dia. called them the mole machine they were also building high speed trains."

Like they will have full on cities with highspeed trains and shit while the fighting is going on up top.

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We're going to war with the tunnel people. Enough is enough.

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How is this a conspiracy? I figure this belongs more in /s/technology

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