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Teach them “you are weak but I can help you”. It’s mental manipulation.

Totally. As an ethnic minority in Canada, this is exactly how I feel. What matters is class and wealth and not just a couple millions, that just makes you a hardworking upper middle class person. I'm talking about the folks from the international mafia who accumulate billions, they are the ones who can get away with anything while corrupting everything... but we aren't even allowed to discuss the root of that corruption, all we are allowed to do is whine about whitey unreasonably

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It's meant to erode the idea of "us", because "we" can fight the power, but only if we realize we are a we.

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Yep. Beat them down from birth, but then offer them $1000 a month to scrape by on government assistance. Stealing someone's agency is stealing their free will. It's all miles away from the justice MLK preached.

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I fully agree with you. What you state here is - once recognized - the most fundamental hypocrisy in the current anti-racist movement. The entire anti-racist movement is predicated on justice coming from the white community. Blacks don't control their destiny. Whites do. In other words, what blacks think, do, and create is meaningless as long as there are whites around. This is the most dis-empowering message I could ever imagine to teach. You want blacks to succeed? Teach them that whites and the racism that is thrown their way are just an annoying speed bump. They have the power to succeed anyway. But that doesn't fit with white liberal guilt, so it's not gaining traction. I find this disrespect for black agency in their own success to be disgusting.

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The power/privilege ideology is taken straight from the communist playbook and designed to split a society apart. It seems to be working.

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Privilege is a thing. It exists, provably so. The problem is that the left wants to claim only one group has a monopoly on it, when in fact privilege flies all over the place. Every one is different, not necessarily equal or fairly doled out, but existing. There is male privilege and female privilege. Black privilege, white privilege, Chinese privilege and Japanese privilege and Indian privilege. There's rich privilege and poor privilege.

The problem is always when someone claims the concept is monopolized by a certain group. To do so is always bigotry, no matter how socially acceptable.