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Totally agree, although I don't see anti-vax as necessarily wrong. I think vaccinations work, but that doesn't mean all vaccinations are good, nor should they be mandatory.

One of the worst recent examples of this was the "5G causes coronavirus" hoax. I never encountered a single person who genuinely believed that, not even online. But people were parroting it as if it was the main point of all 5G critics.

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I certainly feel fears over vaccines are misguided however and often chock full of misinformation and bad science.

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Vaccines are overall a net positive but they aren't necessarily harmless. They shouldn't be made mandatory.

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There is a lot of science that supports the view that vaccines are ineffective, unsafe, and downright poison. They're chock full of heavy metals (aluminum) and don't provide lasting immunity. Natural infection provides this lasting immunity and nourishing, pure food allows the body to do this. But, since most modern humans live off of junk food, sugar, and poorly-produced food, these diseases can wreak havoc.

It's pretty obvious that I disagree with your point about vaccinations, but you have an extremely valid argument. The seeding of false conspiracies has discredited some truths and fostered beliefs in complete lies. It is up to every reader to research and decide their own beliefs.

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It's fascinating watching as TPTB react to conspiracy theories being recognized as censored events. Although they are working feverishly to gain absolute control over speech on the internet, these first twenty years of people talking to each other relatively freely have destroyed significant portions of the official story we've been told since WWII. Once those elements of the narrative are removed, we see TPTB seriously on the ropes. The only reason they're still standing is that no-one has come up with a better alternative. The current unrest is almost pure destruction, but few are interested in the "solution" those destroying stuff offer. Until there is a way forward, we spin in place, more and more hollowed out as each spin finishes.

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Unfortunately people are able to identify the problems, but are often mislead and guided into a solution that only serves to enrich and empower those above them at the expense of normal people.

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My favorite trick is when they stress the importance of nuance and how their critics "think in absolutes", but the moment you bring up an inconsistency in one of their viewpoints, they accuse you of being a cultist or conspiracy theorist and encourage everyone to ignore you. This is while actively criticizing Trump for ignoring the media for inaccurate reporting.

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The media promotes black and white opinions, free of nuance and dialogue. While there are legitimate criticisms of Trump I often see them criticize him for things such as slowly walking down a ramp or the way he drinks water.

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What cracks me up is that there are lots of avenues to attack Trump. But all legitimate attacks on him would rebound back on his enemies, who are guilty of the same crimes. So instead, they manufacture totally false stories to attack him with which are consistently disproved. The most hilarious one for me is that they attacked Trump for Ukraine, wherein lies some of the best documented evidence for legitimate BIDEN corruption.

I have no love for Trump and am not a supporter, but the manner in which the Democrats attack him condemns them far more than it condemns him. This is probably why they've put Joe in the basement. Better just to let Trump be out there. They have nothing real to use against him that won't then blow up in their own faces.

None of the Above, 2020

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It's the illusion of choice. They all chose to re-sign the patriot act and continue to spy on their own citizens. Democrat or Republican, both are guilty of authoritarianism.