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i agree. long times of self reflection are what rid me off my depression and negative thoughts. Since then i've become a different person, a new person with a new outlook on life.

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Healthy diet and working out are the best things you can do for your physical self. Increasing your emotional intelligence and working towards ego death are the best things you can do for your mental, emotional and spiritual self.

We've collectively, as western society, reduced ourselves to the mental capacity of children. Whenever I see someone freaking out as soon as their views are questioned or their ego is bruised, all I can think of is my niece. When she's told it's bedtime she lays on the ground kicking her feet in the air and yelling. She's 4.

As this is /s/conspiracy, I'm going to go so far as to say it's intentional. No one is taught logical decision making. We're discouraged from having rational discussions or trying to look at situations from other view points. We're taught knee-jerk reactionism. Every decision should be made emotionally, and we collectively have the emotional intelligence of toddlers. When your views on an issue become ingrained as part of your personality, then any disagreement becomes a personal attack and all rational thought breaks down. In the end this just leaves us easier to control. If we're too busy fighting each other over 'my team is better than your team, and by extension I'm better than you' politics and stupid shit like gendered washrooms, we never step back and realize that we're all being fucked by those in power. We have lower security, lower wages, lower standards of life, less community, less opportunities, less of a comfortable future, but goddammit we feel good getting 3 more likes on a facebook or reddit argument than the jackass we're arguing about, and that'll learn him for disagreeing with me about the speed limit in school zones! We've replaced meaningful connections and enjoyment with short term, shallow dopamine hits based on moral superiority. We are in essence no different than slot machine junkies.

Everyone should start meditating. Spend some quiet time by yourself. Disconnect from all the fake bullshit that makes up day to day existence. Look inside and realize that you're really not all that important, and if you're being honest, probably kind of a dick. Detach yourself from all the stupid arguments you get into with yourself and others. Then you can start to see how trivial most of them really are. Then you can start to focus on what's really important in life.

TLDR: Everyone needs to get over themselves.

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Ha, I am kind of a dick, good call.

We're not taught rational decision making or nutrition (in my experience), completely setup to fail and be reactionary beasts.

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I've seen people that go far out of their way to avoid ever being alone, it's a trip. But extroverts need social interactions for their well being so I guess it's a matter of having healthy boundaries and balance.