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With friends like these, who the hell needs enemies?

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How can Blackrock, an Israeli company, be running the Federal Reserve?

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Waiting Israeli apologist to show up 😸

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Are they? If so, that means Israel controls the US through infiltration and not the other way around.

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I learned about this from the Last American Vagabond. His podcasts are long but he packs in a lot of information and seems legit to me. If you are wondering about his ethnicity, he self-describes as Puerto Rican. I highly recommend him.

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He's Jewish I know that. I don't care. His work and Webb's work is quite good.

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I'm not contesting what you're saying but how do you know he's Jewish? Also, are you referring to the George Webb who often works with Jason Goodman?

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George Webb

Lol, no... I exposed G. Webb and Goodman for who they are: Likudnik loving Zionists.

I'm referring to Whiteny Webb who wrote the amazing piece titled: All Roads Lead to Dark Winter.

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Here's a segment from Lift the Veil where he plays the segment when Graceful asks probing questions about George Webb's connection to Mossad and he goes off on on a tangent to avoid giving an answer. Then Goodman, who is clearly distressed, darts off camera and says the live stream is going down and finally pulls the plug. Lift the veil should just let the segment play but keeps interjecting his take. They are clearly connected to Mossad. I saw this live. — I forgot to put in the link when I posted this the first time.

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Lift the Veil is a shill flat earther whose father works for the UN and did presentations at NASA. He was a crappy actor in Hollywood before he sold out in which in one scene in a film he literally walks out of a store and says:

I'm gonna sell out."

I will not give him one click. They are all connected to Truth Inc., i.e. people getting paid to gatekeep conspiracies or make them up and push disinformation.

What a crappy, lifeless job that must be.

My intuition was good back then, I literally watched Lift the Toilet Seat "Mr. Cat Tower", George "Mossad" Webb, and Goodman and in a matter of minutes my brain told me not to waste my time with any of them.

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Oh, I see. The link is tied to the text. Not sure how I missed that.

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You missed it because I forgot to put in the text link when I first posted it. 🙃 The ex-actor really spoils the effect by way over-commenting though. Still the expressions on Goodman & Webb's faces is priceless when Very Graceful says the majick word, MOSSAD.

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Watched it, pretty funny. Goodman was playing it off and Webb didn't really care. Webb is quite open on twitter about his love for Mossad but when it came to the why? They shut it down.

Lift the Veil, although he had Graceful on to talk and her work is good, is suspect, not only his family ties to the UN and Nasa but also the film industry.

Plus, he had episodes telling others he was schizophrenic to try to discredit topics, and remember, he IS an actor, and not a bad one too.

Anyone who shills flat earth and thr Mandela effect in my opinion is part of a PsyOp, maybe not for Mossad like Webb and Goodman is, but for another agency.

Or he generally believes in flat earth and other PsyOps even when his dad having Nasa connections.

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I wish you had the clip