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What sort of dangerous ideals did they show?

I think it's important to be careful not to write someone off just because we disagree on something. But it's also good to detect danger and bad motives and call them out, or avoid them. It's a balance.

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Goober got PUA sarged.

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Lol, oops - so somehow I just now saw your comment and A) I had to Google "pua sarged" and B) while I was looking it up, btw fully thinking initially that it was "some video game term", I therefore did learn something today through this googling, so thank you, BUT drumroll C) (while my life is at least calmer now, it is still affected) I actually WISH it had been that "simple" of an experience (disclaimer: as simple as my superficial research into "sarging" indicated)! Lol, and while I could (humor myself and) draw either tenuous or rabbithole comparisons to related situations... really there was a lot lot more to my situation, which I'm at least calmer about now but I am still bitter... Aaaand perhaps I was being a liiittle bit dramatic, but I DID get (social/emotionally) backstabbed so I dunno, hopefully next time I just won't get backstabbed and then I won't have to figure out how not to be dramatic and weird...ah well. I re-read my long comment above and it's I'm just clearly growing into my grown up woke insanity brain ;-P and I still believe in the evil out there being realer than I knew before.

(Sorry for this 2 weeks later rant, perhaps you were just joking which actually works too because I did get a little chuckle when I Googled it, however then I also got a little creeped out by what I read, and, by then, it was either I do more background/context research to understand or (my chosen option) I just backed off knowing that it's not something I care to know about much past tbe urban dictionary, haha)

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Dude fuck off obviously I'm talking about bigger issues than just that "the music was bad or they like different things" or "I don't party the same", I'm talking robotic insidious mean group control bullying weirdness obviously no shit "it's about balance" in life, I'm telling you I ran into bad people and it fucked up my life. Sometimes you try to balance and realize it's too big and get smooshed by the seesaw regardless. I'm down here under the seesaw, I don't need to be told to balance things, or moderate, I'm just literally trying to say that bad people can band together without you even knowing it and people like me get hurt and that's the point.

Whatever. Sorry I said fuck off.

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You got really mad, yet you still give no actual examples... I'm trying to talk with you about the issue you posted about and learn details, but you just want to be mad at everyone apparently. Have a good one

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Again, I'm sorry. Trust me though, Magnora, that was not me "really mad". It's true I'm struggling with/denying examples because I'm not going to get very specific, however, I'm also not trying to sound as crazy as I sound but know I'm not which is why I said DM me, but here ya go...

Some people are not just "not leaders" or are followers, but some people are actual minions of bad energy and they ensnare people when they are vulnerable.

There are people who are observeably compelled to literally follow a pre-planned dance at life and if you're not doing the dance, they see and know and are angry. They are controlling, and it's bigger than I thought.

When your gramma told you don't open your mind to the devil... there's realness to that meanness is tangible brain poison and people fall prey.

There must also be at least one aspect of simulation to each "reality" because I 100% know I'm not clinically delusional, but people who can manipulate evil can gaslight really well, and the reason I'm so salty is because it effing blows. Sure I'm stronger today than before but I'm disturbed and heartbroken and less trusting. And ranting like a psycho.

Beware of situations where there is a leader because them and the followers are actually so toxic it's bad, It's not just a show to watch, it's not silly entertainment, it's exposure to other realities... that are real. Mean realities spread, creepers spread, just stay woke, people. You are not obligated to see or stay around weirdos because one step further than "harmless weird" is harmful and scary.

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Sorry you're having a rough time, that sucks.

I think you're just seeing the human ego clearly for what it is, and what happens when people rest on their egoic/emotional haunches, so to speak, and become morally, spiritually, and intellectually lazy to the point where they get extremely angry and defensive if you directly challenge them on any of that, or any ideology they've decided is definitely true.

I grew up with these people my whole life, I'd say about 1/4 of humanity is stuck in a mindset like this, with people going in to it and snapping out of it all the time. It sucks, and it will never go away. But the people are not the enemy, the emotional narcissistic mindset is. It's a thought-virus, like you said. But is also arises natively in some people, even if they grew up in a good culture. But it's also true some people will never snap out of it, but you can never know who will and who won't unless you know that person well.

You might find this interesting and somewhat related:

Anyway just take a break and be glad for the fact you're able to see human behavior in a wiser way than you did before, but never stop progressing your wisdom or else you will end up just like them. That seems to be how the world works, as far as I can tell.

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Thank you. It's encouraging that some people can "snap out of it". I'll remain hopeful if still painfully aware. I want to remain rooted and a protector, a builder, a stable force, a clear guide, a supporter, and a nice sweet girl no matter who's against me. The alternative is scary....

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It's cool. Just remember the opposite of love isn't hate, it's ignoring them. Hating them just gives them free real estate in your mind, like a mind virus of its own. This is one of those things that's best to just sidestep around imo, but in my experience the emotions can take a while to catch up to the logic. It's one of the shortcomings of being human I guess, I struggle with it too. Anyway, best of luck, I think you're doing just fine!

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I've encountered an actual psychopath and I can tell you with a great deal of certainty that these people are incredibly hard to detect, and they will do anything to serve themselves, betray anyone close to them etc. so long as it is the best calculated response to ensure self preservation. The thing is, that person I am referring to has probably not done anywhere near as many "immoral" things as some "normal" people that are merely misguided or impacted negatively by their upbringing. However, given the correct circumstances, that person would commit the most atrocious crimes imaginable to save themselves.

Goober probably just encountered, with a naive outlook, some mean spirited, but otherwise normal people. She should be glad she didn't come face to face with the primordial being slumbering inside us all-the primal directive if you will.

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Hmm...I'll mostly take it. First though, oops, somehow, I just now saw your comment, so I'm sorry I'm kiiind of late back in this game although I'm still kinda affected by everything so I'm not really late to my life at all, haha. But okay - I will take your "assessment" if you will, of my "naive outlook", because, well, yeah...fair enough, I am pretty naive, and OK I would agree that overall I did "merely" encounter "mean spirited but otherwise normal people" but... There's more to it, people!! Just tryna ultimately say fuuucckkk cuz evil is gross.

But - humbly - more importantly: thank you, you are indeed correct that it could have, certainly in the world we're in, been a way way worse occurrence for me overall in the big picture... and I subsequently stand corrected because I myself did overlook such/any gratitude and wider perspective in the situation, and, as gratitude and positivity are the actual things I am trying to pay more attention to for working on myself, I really do appreciate you drawing attention to big pic perspectives and bigger issues like safety in the moment etc.. So, once again, I have learned and it wasn't easy......And I feel all embarrassed and wise. (Ugh I have to say all this -- I'm embarrassed for being a whiny bitch at life, but not embarrassed about the original situation at all, and I'm not taking any blame, and not giving up my ground to evil, and thus this comment should not be interpreted any further as me "realizing I played a role or deserve it" or anything whatsoever at all in the devilish fuckery that ensued! In fact, In this situation, I hold true that it was actually partly thanks to my own naivete and to my (still remaining, I'll acknowledge work needing to be done ) sweetness/"goodness" that ultimately, in these events that occurred and in life, help protect me and separated and still separate me from the evil )

*********EDIT: Oh! I forgot until now - Since my original post, I had (after time, a little research, some realizations, and after soul-searching/recollection and the analysis of significant/pertinent info/current "vibes" etc. (No drugs, I know that might have sounded like it, haha)) come up with a self-compiled working "Franken-theory" stating that: if/AS different dimensions exist simultaneously in our universe, there is, therefore, in each individual (existing in each dimension at the same time, on different timelines and experiencing alternate realities) the prescence of some amount (including none) of evil, which is "technically" measurable in its varying degrees *(as would then be the case with any/all other traits and characteristics, and, as is conceptually comparable to the already familar "smaller scale", or maybe micro level, spectrums of traits present wholly/solely within singular (self-contained? Lol) individuals within any one dimension) thus potentially/theoretically/hypothetically representing/creating a spectrum of the person's evil across the dimensions and their realities. (Yes, that's a whole scary rabbit hole that I'm not diving down atm). Soooo... I dunno, that's that first of all, and I further speculate that perhaps recently CERN was "ran" or whatnot, and (this time?) if running the collider did not open a new dimension, perhaps, this time, running it might have caused "lesser" dimensional shifts or merges/combinations, or like jolts in the realities, and perhaps CERN can/did even close out a dimension. So, obviously, effing around with our dimensions causes many possible upheavel problems - for example, the last part of my theory is that, potentially, someone's "evil levels" could "go up" (not only as a "regular" part of life in one's normal reality, but also) due to these potential dimensional disruptions - maybe such as the combining of two dimensions that were close enough together in time for the universe to be able to "pull off a smoosh-together", however there will always be seams there, and maybe if an individual was already flagging higher on the "evil scale", then they in particular could get "way worse/more evil" with any change to reality, even unnoticed changes.

And...yeah! Thanks! Just a side note: It wasn't only the one isolated event from my original post that lead to this "whole theory", but rather, I applied my prexisting beliefs/knowledge/research initially to that event, then to the fallout, and used logical-emotional (lol I can say both to be fair and to add the salt grain myself) analysis of the time/situations/vibes leading up to events etc, and I included as evidence (yes, to myself!) other weird events and info after...but anyways, there's improvement, I now believe we are back out of the "Twilight Zone period" that I kinda think we slipped in and out of - hence my "maybe it was as dimensions went askew there"....shrug call me crazy! :)