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These secret societies like Black Nobility, Committe of 300, The Olympians believe they are part of an ancient bloodline extending to the people who ruled Atlantis. These Annunaki, Reptillians, Atlanteans, Nephilim, Fallen Angeles probably from Atlantis and got destroyed in the Deluge. History before that is probably kept from the rest of humanity. The myths provide a glimpse to the past but then Religion was used as a tool by the elite to control the population with cult like behaviour. However the elite knew that all these religions were encoded text that contained hermetic principles and Truths about ourselves and the Universe. The uninitiated gave offerings to the Deity Altars while the initiated appreciated how the object symbolises a great abstract truth depending on what deity. This cult mentality is years of social conditioning that could explain why were susceptible to such manipulation. This is definitely a dense subject but it's a very interesting one.

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Too much bold; didn't read.

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Yea the text formatting on here is not great unfortunately :(

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It's not the text formatting. It's the overuse of bold, the overuse of NOTE:, the overuse of slashes, the overuse of braces, and the general incomprehensibility of your post. You might have had something to say in there, but I'll never know what it was.

You really need to take an online course in communication. You have good ideas but you are terrible at communicating them to other people. You need to be able to persuade them to your point of view, and this post does none of that. For example:


Shamgaz also known as: Samyaza, leader of his rebel "civ/cult/clan" at Mount Hermon

And their offspring/avatars/forms =

And their lands = "far east, lands of high mountains" [CHINA/RUSSIA?]

And its offshoots = {Scythians?}

I have no idea what this means, and I'm not hammering my way through the whole post to find out. Nope. You want people to listen, you create things they can understand.

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Whatever you say :)

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Seriously, you're speaking into an empty hole. Nobody will read or understand anything you say until you learn how humans communicate with each other, and change your style of writing to match it.

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Hmm, you havent read the first paragraph it seems, or read the book i linked.


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People aren't going to read a whole book! Jesus! Especially not if it's like your first paragraph! I can't really make out what it's supposed to be about, and if you can't hook a reader in the first paragraph you've got no hope. Seriously - online course in effective communication. Please take one.