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As an Iranian myself Im all for the regime change in Iran !!!!

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so, how do you envision future iran?

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As long as you can get off this pendulum of US controlled leaders on one side (1954-1979) and hyper-religious domestic leaders on the other side (1979-present) I would support it too. The only thing is that I'm pretty sure it's going to end up US controlled if there's a regime change, there's just too much pressure from the outside trying to control things. Do you agree?

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As an Iranian I think you're either one dumb ass MF or just an Zionist troll. No Iranian would ever ask for an externally forced regime change to occur in Iran. Ever.

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Well, as explained four days ago in my comment in this thread and stated publicly by President Trump today: you have his support and he asks others to follow his way.

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Thus showing more proof Trump and his insider team are Zionists

Or this could just be someone LARPing. This is from 4chan after all... But it's then published by the wikileaks twitter, which is odd. They just post stuff from 4chan and say it's Q? Or are they doing the scarequotes around "Qanon" to imply they think the whole thing is silly?

I don't know quite what I'm supposed to take away from the OP tbh

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the way i see it - every conceivable actor here is questionable (wl, iran, q, trump, etc). whether its a piece of information or disinformation, it was released for a reason and i think its worth being aware of this event.

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My explanation from 4 days ago publicly confirmed today in President Trump's U.N. speech:

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Pardon my ignorance, but what explanation? Got a link?

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Sorry about the confusion, it's my post right below, the one starting with "context for the 'uninitiated'" from (now 5) days ago.

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Context for the "uninitiated" (that is not supposed to sound arrogant, sorry if it does):

a) OP "useless_aether" is one of 2 mods so far identified ("orangutan" being the other) that moderates and thus controls several key subs, see this post e.g.:

or this one:

I hope that the BO u/magnora7 is aware of this.

b) In response to the other comments here:

Link to Q's board: (only Q can post here).

Link to everybody else's board: (this is where the discussion and research takes place)

  • a well-meant warning: Wikileaks twitter has been compromised for a long time, let me know if you need more info and I'll try to dig it up if I find the time (it has been quite a while since this was put forth...). Wikileak's comments of this Q post makes this very obvious.

  • With regards to Q's post: useless_aether's spin is not at all what it says (unsurprisingly).

@ u/magnora7 : I wholeheartedly believe that you might have just misunderstood Q's post, which can happen all too easily if one is not used to Q's communication style. I understand from your post that you are confused and don't know what to think. Please do read on.

u/dgtronic 's assertion reflects exactly what Q is alluding to.:

Change in Iran needs to come from within, not imposed, and Q is merely encouraging the people of Iran to ditch their authoritarian regime, whilst reassuring them that the Trump White House will not thwart these efforts of the Iranian people to fight for a life in freedom (unlike previous administrations). But the Iranians do need to fight for it and must not be lethargic. This has nothing to do with the CIA / Mossad / neocon forceful overthrow of governments and installation of puppets. It is in fact quite the opposite. And the push needs to come from the Iranians themselves, not from the above-mentioned dark forces that we all loathe and that Q is fighting against.

Iran is just one of a row of countries that can free themselves now (with Trump in charge), without having to fear the US's involvement to prevent this. Armenia was the first one, see e.g.:


The AlJazeera link comes directly from one of Q's posts (#1242, #1243 in the keybase link; oh and "clowns" = Clowns In America = C_I_A; learn Q's comms - LOL).

Ask me if you want to know more. Q's info can be a bit hard to digest...

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i think q is a psyop and disinfo. my submissions reflect this standpoint.