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this is crazy! how many high rise buildings have explosives installed by the governments? are they all death traps? i was told that all the bridges and tunnels connecting switzerland to the rest of the world have explosives installed by their templar military. but blowing up buildings with people in them is truly sick

interesting info

"After the 1979 Iranian revolution, Habib Elghanian (the buildings owner) was executed by the new government, which seized the building and handed ownership of it to the state-controlled Islamic Revolution Mostazafan Foundation, tied to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. The Mostazafan Foundation operated the building until its collapse." -wiki

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That's probably the best WTC 7 I've seen. You should post that one. As a link.

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I was surprised to see the windows go... i was impressed.
Thinking why hasn't AE9/11 truth jumped on this one. The Tehran video is legit, though. I get that's the reason.

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You could see the quibs clearly. A textbook example of controlled demolition. Or the first [edit: second. Pull it.] time a steel-framed building collapsed into its own footprint without being hit by a drone, uh, plane.