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Volume I contains Parts 1—5 (running time: 1 hr and 57 min)

Volume II contains Parts 6—10. (running time: 2 hr and 40 min)

Made by Reddit user: /u/AwayResolution

What they had to say:

This sub and all the research posted here really has opened my eyes regarding child trafficking. Thank you to everyone here for all the research you’ve shared. There is clear evidence that child trafficking is a worldwide industry. The most frightening part of it is that it is not a poorly-financed group of petty criminals – it a well-financed, well-organised operation. And it is used by large capital interests, primarily to entrap and blackmail people in power, including politicians, businessmen, the media, and even the police. If you’re wondering why our governments seem to continually serve large corporate interests instead of their voters, this is one of the reasons.

The material is out there and it is reliable. So much work has gone into investigating the issue and producing the material – all I’ve done is put it together into one package to tell a comprehensive narrative, so you can see it all in one place. This is what I’ve done – the film is called Imperium and I’ll release it tomorrow. The film is split into ten parts, told over two films (Volume I is 1hr57, Volume II is 2hr40). Once I release it it will be yours. It belongs to all of you and always has. I hope it sheds some light on the issue.