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Yesterday, we recieved this message from the admins.

[Hey mods, I wanted to talk to you about some issues with this subreddit. There are a few issues in the way that you are misleading users into thinking you're responsible for the recent subreddit bands. We also noticed (REDACTED) was put on your "hitlist" of subreddits which really is to alright as it is creating unnecessary troubles for that moderator team. On a side note, we're also seeing increased reports of abuse and targeting of the moderators of this subreddit, which complicates the efforts of our support teams to help you and other moderators in regular day-today support. Most importantly, this makes it more difficult for us to do our jobs policing the site.

We'd like you to stop misleading users, and stop stirring up troubles for other communities moving forward. Let me know if you have any questions.]

I closed the subreddit because I still had an ounce of respect for the admins.

today, the admins have ignored all of our questions and replies so I am electing to ignore the admins message until such point that they decide to speak to us. we are open to a discussion not a statement.

The list has been shortened to the subreddits most recently reported and the most blatantly ignored.

  • r/Drama
  • r/The_Donald